Featured Friday: Instagram Edition

Happy Friday! I know for some of our readers, this will be a long weekend. Be sure to get out there and enjoy your time with friends and family and capture some instant memories together. Going through Instagram today, I noticed that over 29,000 images have been tagged with #snapitseeit. That's … [Read more...]

Artist Spotlight: Gareth Weston

It's Monday, and that means it's time for an Artist Spotlight! If you are new to the blog, this is a  feature, where we spotlight photographers and artist that are inspiring others with there instant film work. While we try to provide our readers with a new spotlight each week, I'll be the first to … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Gallery Submissions

Happy Featured Friday, all! Today we share a few images that have been sent in through our website's Gallery Submission option. Thanks so much to all who week after week, tag us and submit images to our Flickr pool and our website. We keep this going because of the support we receive from all of … [Read more...]

Lomo’Instant Wide Review

  Hey guys, Matt Day here with a guest review on the Lomo'Instant Wide from Lomography! I've been shooting every day with this camera since early January 2016... Literally every day. I'm doing a 366 Project this year with Instax Wide film and this is the camera I'm shooting that project … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Flickr Edition

Happy Featured Friday, everyone! Sorry we've been quiet, especially when there is so much buzz around elsewhere with the launch of Impossible's new I-1 instant camera and their revamped line of film. Have you ordered yours? Taken it out for a test drive? We'll be looking forward to seeing your … [Read more...]