Bleaching fp100c negatives the Michael Ash Smith way

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You are asking yourself right now. What the heck, didn't SISI already post about this? Yes! We did! You can check it out here. Our original post is amazing and this tutorial is rad as well, basically this is an update to that. Our buddy Michael Smith decided to  blog about his technique and he does … [Read more...]

Events: Whats Happening Where You Live?

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We often get emails telling us of events coming up around all parts of the world. From polawalks in Baltimore to gallery showings in Paris. We have been linked to tutorial classes in New York and state fairs in Texas. The thing is, up until now, we have not had a way to let you know about these … [Read more...]

Business Spotlight: New55


We are taking a break today from our Artist Spotlight post to talk about something super important. Many of you have heard of New55 and know of the Kickstarter campaign that they are tackling. We are huge supporters of this project and have been awaiting this film eagerly. So, with a May 5th … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Generation 2.0 600 Film Winners


For many readers, Featured Friday is nothing to new or unexpected. So this time around, we are going to spice things up a bit and showcase the winners of our Impossible Project Generation 2.0 600 film today! A big congratulations to  James Harris, Maria Milbredt,  Jordana Dale Russell, and Kevin … [Read more...]

Haiti: Faces and Families

by Brent Gambrell

Dear Instant Film Family, Chris here! Today I am writing to you about an upcoming project that I need your help with. This is a great community with good hearted and passionate people from all walks of life, religions and backgrounds. I'm hoping that I can solicit your support on a project I'm … [Read more...]