An Exclusive Interview With Snapjet | Why Snapjet Is Different Then The Instant Lab


Months ago, we noticed SnapJet follow us on social media. We check every single person that does, to see who our readership is, plus we really love social media. Anyway, we instantly became fans of the work they were beginning and got in touch. For months we have been chatting about their … [Read more...]

Featured Friday


We're back with our Featured Friday posts! Please excuse the recent silence, holidays, west-coast storms and personal trials have set us back a bit, but we promise you we have plenty in store coming up in the new year! For now, we hope you enjoy this weeks Featured Friday post and that you all have … [Read more...]

Artist Spotlight: Katrin Albert

Artist Spotlight - header

 We are back on the blog with another Artist Spotlight. If you are new to the blog, this is a  feature, where we spotlight photographer's and artist that are inspiring others with there instant film work.  If you would like to be a featured artist or know of someone you would like to see on the … [Read more...]

SnapJet Kickstarter | New Indie Instant Film Printer


Mobile phone printers are awesome. Some may agree some may not. However, we are big lovers of these things and are feeling refreshed that a new one has come onto the market. This time, by a new independent company, SnapJet. The amazing thing about SnapJet is that not only is it an indie company, but … [Read more...]

Featured Friday


TGIF! Am I right?! We are so stoked to be here, another week closer to the end of the year {which is crazy!!!} Anyway, this week we are dedicating this Featured Friday to Instagram. If you don't know, our #snapitseeit hashtag almost has 11,000 posts!! So amazing! It's full of amazing images by … [Read more...]