Artist Spotlight: Rodney Brown


    Monday brings you guys another Artist Spotlight! Today, we shine on Bay Area, California Artist Rodney Brown. As a local music producer and photographer, Rodney is quite a talented man and has his hands busy with several personal and collaborative projects. He's been making quite … [Read more...]

Featured Friday


Happy Friday to all you out there! To start off the weekend right we bring you bring you a new Featured Friday post! Today's set of photos comes straight from our Instagram followers and all the amazing photographers that tag #snapitseeit on their instant photos! There are all kinds of ways to … [Read more...]

Handmade Instant Press Camera: Lucas Landers


We have said it before and we will say it again, the creativity in this community is amazing. Todays post is a prime example of someone thinking outside the box, or better yet, thinking of the box. Lucas Landers sent us a picture of a camera he built around a Fuji 90mm large format lens and a … [Read more...]

Whats in your bag? Annie Hall

2014-07-31 002

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Today we have another installment of "Whats in your bag", showing off the gear of California photographer Annie Hall. You may remember Annie from her Artist Spotlight last year, if not, check that out here. Annie is truly a hybrid shooter, shooting everything from … [Read more...]

Time Zero The Last Year of Polaroid Film is on Netflix!


All four of us that run this site live in not so trendy towns like New York or LA. So when a new Indie Flick about Polaroid came out, we were stoked but also skeptical we would ever see it. The movie's title is Time Zero The Last Year of  Polaroid Film. The documentary chronicles the last years of … [Read more...]