12:12 Men Photography Project


Many of you have seen or heard of the 12:12 Project. If you haven’t, let me tell you more about it. The original 12.12 Project was conceived by Tennessee based film photographer Penny Felts, during a period where she felt that her photography had become stagnate and predictable. She wanted to challenge and push her creativity in new ways. Already connected to a worldwide pool of instant film photographers, she invited 11 women and herself, to participate. The women she selected were photographers whose instant photographs she respected and admired, and The 12.12 Project was formed. This time around she reached a little farther and put together 11 men from as far around the world as she could find. The 12 “man’ is Penny herself. She wants to challenge herself to think like a man and shoot differently. We invite you to follow the progress of the 12:12 Men project on their Facebook page.

• Peter McCabe, Ireland, https://www.flickr.com/photos/kittacabe/
• Bastian Kalous, Germany, https://www.flickr.com/photos/bastiank/
• Owen Patrick, England, https://www.flickr.com/photos/universal76/
• Thomas Zamolo, Sweden, http://www.thomaszamolo.com/
• Francisco Chavira, Mexico/US, https://www.flickr.com/photos/50604501@N06/
• Susumu Kohda, Japan, https://www.flickr.com/photos/susumukohda/
• Lukas Brinkmann, Austria, https://www.flickr.com/photos/lukasb_p/
• Alberto Polo Ianez, Spain, http://www.albertopoloianez.com/
•Miky Arsenjev, Prague, https://www.flickr.com/photos/piggiepictures/

Every month each photographer chooses a theme, one that challenges each other, pushes each artist out of their comfort zone, and generates creative photographic responses to powerful thought starters. This website is dedicated to the unique results generated from each of the artists in the group. The project was received wonderfully by a wide group of people. Below is the list of themes for the next 12 months, at the very end of this post there is a gallery with the first themes images so far!

May. Escher-esque.
June. Dimensions.
July. Animal Instinct.
Aug. Heat Wave.
Sept. Minimalism
Oct. Carpe Diem.
Nov. Rupture.
Dec. Ritual.
Jan. Epic Neutrality
Feb. Movement
Mar. Spirit In The Dark
April New Technique

The photographers chosen are amazing instant film shooter from around the world. Our different voices will make for a very interesting collection of images. The list of photographers with short bios and profile photos is below.

737306_740866185964502_1795771668446611752_o (1)
I’ve been taking photographs for about a million years now. Instant photography is my absolute favorite. It’s the way I see in my everyday life…soft focus, and pretty colors. I started the 12:12 Project last year for myself and 11 other wonderfully talented women. It was so much fun and so challenging for me that I thought I would do it again this year, and just to challenge myself even more, I’m doing it as a man in a second group, the 12:12 Men’s Project. I know that the men in this group will knock your sox of, and they will definitely keep me on my toes.

 — with Penny Felts.


My name is Bastian Kalous, I am 33 years old and I live in a small town in the south of Germany, called Freyung.
I am a passionated instant photographer and I totally love nature. This is one of my biggest inspirations for shooting these expired films. For my taste, nature and instant film got something similar. Both is so very unpredictable and this is one fact which makes it so very special for me.
 — with Bastiank Sofortbildfotografie.


I’m Gabriele Cappello, 29 years old, computer engineer lived and raised in Sicily, Italy. Lived for a while between Pisa and Madrid, now just moved to Malta.
Started shooting 35mm and Polaroid a couple of years ago and didn’t stop since. It was love at first sight.
I shoot what seems beautiful to my eyes and to my mind.
And I find it in people. — with Gabriele Cappello


My name is Peter McCabe, I am an amateur photographer from a town called Dundalk in Ireland.
I have been shooting for as long as I can remember but got turned onto polaroid about 6 years ago and I feel in love with the atmosphere , look and uniqueness of the film. I love to shoot people. — with Peter McCabe


My name is Thomas Zamolo, i’m a multidisciplinary French artist established in Stockholm/Sweden since 2000, I have a particular interest in the artistic mediums that combine risk, concept, and rigor. I’m originally from the world of dance, I have now more than twenty years as a dancer, choreographer, rehearsal director and theatrical lighting designer and art installation. I’m autodidact fascinated by the uniqueness and originality of instant film and the unknown inherent in this type of photographic paper, my work is in the process “Moving / Still” and explores a wide range of topics, from surreal landscapes to psychosocial staged. — with Thomas Zamolo



Alberto Polo Iañez (Palma de Mallorca, 1980) cursed audiovisual production in his native island and finished specialized in sound, in Barcelona. It would be there where the Majorcan guy would find out his highest motivation; Photography as an expression form. Throughout his career, he has been passing for several areas, from individual exhibitions or in group like the latest “Creus en mi”(Galería La Real, Mallorca), collaborations in audiovisual level, pointing out the participation in the film “Ingrid” by Eduard Cortés, where he performed, made permanent photography and made the official picture of the film. He made also several musical videos pointing out the ones with the Varaverde group, the inventor/editor and productor together with Eva Morell, Ana Cabello and Eduard Bagur of the monothematic publication “23” and recently a creative photographer for an important fashion brand. — with Alberto Polo Iañe


My name is Miky Arsenjev (1994, Prague) from Czech Republic. I’ll turn 20 in June and that will also mean me dealing with instant photography for the time of one year, as I got myself a polaroid camera for the last birthday.
I have weakness for feminine beauty. I love girls. The Impossible films with their unique waywardness are source of infite fun. What I do is combining the two. — with Miky Arsenjev


I’m Owen Patrick, 37 years old and from London, UK

I shoot only with film, and especially love the way that instant film can create something unexpected within an image. — with Owen Patrick


Hi, my Name is Lukas Brinkmann I´m 26 years old and live in Salzburg, Austria. I started to shoot polaroids about three years ago and got addicted instantly. I love the format the “built in” frame and I`m just fascinated of the results these chemicals can create…unpredictable at times…  — with Lukas Brinkmann


Philippe Bourgoin lives in Paris. — with Philippe Bourgoin


Hellow Everyone. My name is Susumu Kohda lives in Tokyo, Japan. I am Professional Photographer. I was born 1953. — with Susumu Kohda


My name is Francisco Chavira. I am a, 21 year old, wedding and portrait photographer from Sacramento California. I also helped Co-Found Snap It See It.com. I’m really stoked for this project, and how far we have to push out work. Usually to places we have never attempted on our own. — with Francisco Chavira

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