600 Exposures on a Polaroid 600

From the first time I spoke to Francisco and Justin about the blog, one of our goals has been to have a feeling of community. To not only share with you, but to have you share with us. Many of you have already submitted beautiful work to us through email, the submit page, the Flickr group and Facebook. We truly have a stash of amazing work to bring your way.

But I began wondering: What could we do to spice things up, get all of you even more involved and add some randomness and unpredictability to the site? Then it hit me: 600 exposures on a Polaroid 600 camera.

The idea is simple, a Polaroid 600 camera traveling the world to 75 different photographers where each shoots a pack of film and then sends it off to the next person. The 8 photos are then sent to us and we share them with everyone. 75 photographers (x) 8 exposures each (=) 600 images. But in order for this to this work we need your help. So we invite you be a part of the fun! We need 75 interested and committed people to sign up and join the journey.

The good folks at Impossible USA have hooked us up with a camera to get things started, and a promo code to ease the cost of film if you are a participant. All you need to do is fill out the form on this page and agree to the following terms.

1. Understand that this is for fun and is not a contest or about critique.

2. There will be some cost. Postage to the person after you and the pack of film.

3. Order your film in advance. Have the pack waiting so you are ready to shoot when the camera arrives to you.

4. You must submit all 8 of your images. This will only be fun if we see the results. Good or bad, we need all 8.

5.Please only sign up if you plan to participate.

6. Because we will be posting all images to the blog and our Facebook page, we ask that images do not contain nudity.


So, what do you think? Sound fun? Lets see the world together, 8 exposures at a time.

After you sign up, we will email you more details and further instructions.


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  1. When you say submit all 8 photos. Do you mean actually mailing in the polaroids or providing high res scans?

  2. I want to participate!!!!!

  3. Stoked!

  4. 6reat Id0a, I l0ve it! ;D

  5. I signed up !
    Hope I’m selected !

  6. Claudia Hobgood says:

    All signed up! This is very exciting!

  7. Timothy Tasmin says:

    Must we use the 600 camera shipped to us or if we have another Polaroid e.g SX-70, Polaroid SLR 680; if we have to then it’s fine. Also, how many packs of film are we allowed to buy with the Promo Code; I’d like to buy more than one. Can we also submit more than 8 exposures?

    • Hi Timothy. For this project, yes. You must use the 600 camera that is being sent around. As far as the promo code goes, it is an amount off your order, not off each pack of film.
      For this project , we are asking for the 8 images taken with the camera, but we are always taking submittals for post.
      If you have current work you would like to submit, please use the submit tab at the top of the page.

  8. All over this like a dose of the clap!

  9. So rad! I wanna be a part of this!!

    • We still need a few people for the North American camera. I have started a wait list for the other camera incase we have some dropouts.

  10. Hi, is this still available?

    • Right now, no. The project has actually hit some bumps in the road. We plan to take a look at getting a different version started back up in the near future, so stay tuned.

  11. Is this going to happen again soon? This sounds amazing. My father found a camera that he purchased back in ’92 and gave it to me early last week. I immediately ordered film for it, and I’ve already started taking photos. I’m in love with it. So, this sounds super interesting, and gives me something more to do with the hobby! 🙂

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