600 On A 600: Anthony Gross

Back with another installment of our 600 On A 600 project. Anthony Gross lives in San Diego, CA and is the starter of Camera 3. This is our camera that, after one more US stop, will leave the country and see the world. Here is what Anthony had to say about his experience shooting with the camera.


This was a tough shoot for me. I’m in the middle of letting my gear whore/camera nerd side get the best of me. Telling myself it’s important I experiment with different formats so that my choices are solidified and the right side of my brain will be even happier once I narrow it down to my favorite methods of working, having re-evaluated the process and gear used to go through that process.

I started shooting Impossible Project’s film back when all you could get was First Flush, and the Cool versions weren’t even on the horizon. Thanks to my buddy who had a half year head-start and experience with the various instant film options, a couple months down the road he had me justifying $3 per shot and loving every second of it. I started with swap meet Spectras and eBay expired original film. I then found some SX70s and a bunch of Silver Shade thanks to a holiday sale at I.P. Next were pack films and hacking/building a Type 100 back for my Speed Graphic after shooting some integral film taped into the normal film holders (which was inspired by Snap It|See It’s Francisco and a few posts on Instagram). Consequently, I got used to controlling this instant film. Probably too much control.

I knew right away as I picked up the 600 that it was one of those situations where you can return to the location you grew up, but you can’t go back there. I grew frustrated by the simplicity and the daunting challenge of trying to match what I had seen Francisco and others do with the simple plastic lensed cameras. Especially so when he had the newer, “better” film (fresh Color Protection vs my 05/11 expiry Silver Shade). Did I fail mention I was in the midst of an entire re-evaluation of why I was taking pictures as well as the genre I was working in?

So…to wrap all of this up…I don’t blame the camera. I don’t blame the expired film or my failed first attempt at a Polaroid double exposure, nor the light on the particular days I had to shoot on, nor my location or my feeling rushed by being the first of 75 photographers to do this. If I had to do it over again, I would do it differently, but that’s not the point. These eight images are a record of where I was on those days and at this point in my journey as a photographer, and thereby, they are successful.
To the other photographers in this project, I hope you enjoy your 8 images and the moment you take to make them, no matter the result.



As always, we would like to thank The Impossible Project for helping make this project possible. Please check out their shop for the lastest film stocks and gear needed to create your own instant memories.




  1. Anthony your write up is so perfect. I really appreciate the way you photographed these as a day in the life of Anthony Gross. This is a great start to camera 3 and I know that people will take your advice, Thank you so much for the help with this project. You are the man1

  2. I think you’ve got some pretty dreamy shots there. But then I like the dreamy look of the old Silver Shade with it’s chem pod stripes. I’m particularly fond of #3 and #4. 🙂

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