600 On A 600: Chris Kale

When I originally thought up this project, I had a few goals in mind. Adding some spice to the site and building some community on here from instant shooters around the world. I also thought that putting on a project like this and being a part of it, would break me out of my comfort zone. Pack film and cameras with manual controls have been my go to choices. I like the security of trusting my light meter and dialing everything in.

I’ll be upfront and admit that the images I captured are not mind blowing. They are not game changing in any way. They are much more than that!

When I was trying to decide who or what I wanted to shoot, I had some grand ideas. I had a model I wanted to contact and I had a location picked out. Then I got scared. I had never shot a 600. I had never shot the silver shade film. This was not my Mamiya. I kept putting it off because I didn’t want to waste someones time. Then my 8 year old, ask if I would use the camera on him. He wanted me to take his picture with, in his words, the Awesome camera.

It was the best thing that could have happened. I honestly think I used this camera in the way Polaroid had designed it. I captured a moment in time with a loved one. I wasn’t worried about f stops or shutter speeds. We didn’t care about wardrobe and props. We boarded an old school bus with a pack of film and 5 dollar camera. The moment that first picture came out the front and his face lit up, I remembered the feeling I had as a child seeing that. It truly is magical.

I’m inspired to shoot more integral film now. I know with the cost of it, I will start being more deliberate in my shooting. Maybe I will save it for those special times. I know with the work to come from this project I will want to experiment some too. I had gotten wrapped up in the technical side of shooting and this was truly liberating. Good thing I have one of the backup cameras and ordered several packs of film!

I look forward to seeing this project grow. There are some amazing photographers coming your way and there will be no shortage of beautiful work. Francisco’s post from last week shows how versatile and underestimated these cameras can be. So, on to my shots. All images made on a Polaroid One Step 600 using Impossible PX 600 Silver Shade film.

Again, we would like to thank The Impossible Project for teaming up with us in getting this project started.



  1. The last one says it all! Lovely, fun shots with your son. I think the integral film format brings people together in ways other formats don’t. It still seems so magical! It’s the worse format for shooting stealthy street scenes. Everyone wants to come up and talk about it, see your shots develop and reminisce about their memories of polaroid film.

  2. Thanks Joann! He has the Polaroid bug, and for now I have helped him out by getting him an Instax. I love seeing him take such an interest.

  3. These images are so sweet! Thank you for starting this project. I’m towards the bottom of the list but I’m looking forward to discovering something new when the 600 makes it’s way to my door. 🙂

  4. Love these! So happy to hear I may not be the only one who hasn’t shot with a 600 before!


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