600 On A 600: Francisco Chavira

Here we are, the beginning of an amazing project and incredible journey of three  Polaroid 600 cameras. I had the privilege to start off the second camera of our 600 on a 600 project. I teamed up with my favorite hair stylist and my favorite model and got to shooting.  I am so used to shooting with my SX70, so of course I found it strange to shoot this 600 camera. For one, the difference in viewfinder is huge! I also had to be thoughtful with how far I was from the subject in order for them to be sharp and in focus in the resulting image. As challenging as it was, shooting this camera was also kind of liberating. It made me really concentrate on my model and light. In one of the images I had some sun flare very similar to the flare that a toy camera would produce. Despite the problems, it was a really great experience shooting this camera overall. Shooting PX680 Color Protection was a breeze and I made some images that I really love. This camera is not to be underestimated, that’s for sure.


Thank you so much for everyone that is going to be a part of this project. And a big thanks to The Impossible Project for teaming up with us to get this project going. The journey this camera is going to take is a big one and I cant wait to see the results.

Happy Shooting,

Francisco Chavira


  1. Those are fantastic! I LOVE that sun flare one. 🙂

  2. Stunning!!!

  3. These are all so beautiful! The sun flare image and #6 are stunning and really stand out as my favorites of the group.

    I am so excited for my turn with Camera 1! I’m looking forward to following these cameras as they make their journeys from photographer to photographer and discovering some new artists along the way.

    Thanks for creating such an interesting project for all of us to be a part of. 🙂

    • That is an amazing compliment and it means more than you’ll know. That sun flare hit just in the right place. Happy accident if you will.

      We are beyond excited for this project and the reception it had. The story this camera will tell is going to mind blowing and produce some true works of art. That is so amazing to think of. You are so welcome and we are gla you are as exited as we are!

  4. Beautiful work! And, yeah, that sun flare is awesome. Did you adjust any for exposure? I’m so used to the SX-70 that I’m a bit nervous about using the 600 now. I never had much luck with it in the past so I’m gathering any tips I can get for my time with Camera 1. 🙂

    • You know what I didn’t adjust at all. I was using a reflector for fill light to make sure she was lit because of the harsh window light I had. But that is the only thing I did. Px680 is amazing.

  5. So awesome! Can’t wait to try it out and experiment with a polaroid camera other than my land camera.

  6. That last frame = AMAZING

  7. Amazing photos! I’m in love qith the flare on the 5th ones. <3

  8. Love the photographs Francisco! I too am partial to the 5th photo with the window silhouette!
    I am the last person on the list for camera 2 so I am excited about how much it will criss cross the country between your photos and mine!

    • As am I the journey this camera is going to take is going to be amazing. I cannot believe the response and excitement behind this project. I cannot wait to see what you create!


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