600 On A 600: Jeremy Kennedy

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We’re back this week with another 600 On A 600 project update. After leaving Texas, Camera 1 made it’s way to sunny Florida and into the hands of Jeremy Kennedy. Jeremy runs the website CameraLuv, and when you finish here, I highly recommend you taking a look over there. Just devote some time, you’ll be there a while.

Here is what Jeremy had to say about his time with the camera.

When I found I was going to be a part of 600 on a 600 I was excited to shoot with the PX600 Silver Shade Black Frame film. I was swamped with work the week the camera arrived so I had to move quick. Although I wanted to experiment, I wanted to hang out with my oldest boy Kingston (2.5yrs) even more. We took a few images skateboarding on the first day and after reviewing, the film really needed a ton more light than I realized. On day two we played some drums and cranked the light lever to the brightest setting and even brought out a little soft box that fired with the 600’s flash. We had fun together and after all were in bed I was able to use my remaining frames showing off some of my favorite polaroid land cameras. I only wish I had even more light on my little polaroid collage. Thanks for the excuse to play! 

Jeremy Kennedy
Founder of CameraLuv | Collect. Create. Inspire


We’d like to thank Jeremy again for being a part of this cameras amazing journey. Also, thanks again to The Impossible Project for helping us make this whole project happen. Please check out their shop for cameras and film to make your own instant memories.


  1. Absolutely love the playfulness of the second drums image, your camera collection photo and the self portrait! All are great, but those 3 are my faves.

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