600 On A 600: Julian Humphries

We have another installment of the 600 On A 600 project. This time camera was in the hands of Julian Humphries aka: “Dr. Polaroid”. He is the third photographer to use what has been labeled Camera 1. Julian is no stranger to shooting instant film, but he took a different route with this project than his normal work. Here is what Julian had to say about his time with the camera.

Eyes Wide Shut

This was my first time with the new Color Protection film from the Impossible Project. I knew from Dr. J Caldwell’s experience that the combination of camera and film required more light that we were used to with our more advanced Polaroid cameras. So I decided not to experiment with any development or post processing techniques and concentrate on interesting colors, composition, lighting and subjects.

I was lucky to have several models available this week so the series consists of two shots of each of four subjects. My goal was to have every photo with widely different colors and a unique background (bright where possible) for each image. The combinations of wardrobe and background would produce the widest possible challenge for color representation. Now Polaroid films are not known for accurate color so I wasn’t sure I would get much realism, but at least the film would get a good workout!

The second part of the series revolved around the title. Knowing that the film required a LOT of light, I quickly realized that open eyes and the Texas sun would be really hard on the models. All eight images have the eyes “shut” or not visible in a different way.

Finally I wanted the images to reflect my personal style of instant film photography. That means getting up close and including quirky combinations of hands, fingers and sometimes even toes!

Images 1 and 2 are of Kasey Landoll. I have a variety of wardrobe pieces in my “model” closet so we picked a purple vintage dress and a brightly striped shirt. Kasey is a fantastic model and she got the “let’s make it weird” instruction perfectly. The first image was bit dark because I forgot to slide the light switch to fully white. The second image is a purple, tie-dyed fabric background.

Images 3 and 4 are of another model, Brittany Elise. I had a yellow background from an old project and BOY does that film like yellow. That was the brightest of all my photos with nothing but sun and the built-in flash. The second image of Brittany is indoors against a blue wall (although you would never know that) with a hot light for added illumination. And of course, I had to try at least one with my finger in the picture, success at minimum focus distance! 🙂

Images 5 and 6 are of my studio partner Amber McConnell. Amber doesn’t wear much color normally, but we found a few pieces in her wardrobe. The first image is indoors, with a CFL video light source and a shiny metallic background. As usual the flash provides most of the illumination but the fill light definitely helped the color. The second image was in bright midday sun and we actually had plenty of light finally!

The last two images are of the lovely and talented Kaiman Kazazian. I had a crazy psychedelic vintage dress and we combined that with a “Twister” background and a little help from Amber. This might be my favorite of the eight, just because it has so much going on! For the last image we moved to the pool. I was hoping for a bit more “blue” in the water background but that pretty much washed out, still I love the image.

All it all I am very happy with the eight photographs. I felt pretty good about combining my personal style with a bit of fun and experimentation. Hope these notes help the following contributors.

Julian Humphries, aka “Dr. Polaroid”


We’d like to thank Julian again for being a part of this cameras amazing journey. Also, thanks again to The Impossible Project for helping us make this whole project happen. Please check out their shop for cameras and film to make your own instant memories.



  1. Love that twister one! Fantastic.

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