600 On A 600: Justin Molina

Oh dear, all eyes are on me now as I’m up to bat for this 600 on a 600 Project. When I received this camera, I was pretty anxious to shoot it; I hadn’t touched one of these in years. So, in order to use the camera in a timely matter I decided to shoot my 8 shots all in one shoot. I headed out to a park with a few friends and 600 in hand and a pack of PX-680 American Woods edition film. I had been wanting to shoot this stuff forever. Something about the wood frame really speaks to me, for some reason.

Back to the camera, though. Truth be told, though, I had a rough time with this thing and I’m not too thrilled with the images I got. I don’t know exactly what it was. Maybe it was the fact that I couldn’t get up close and personal with the subject as I normally do with my SX-70. Maybe the oranges tones or the underexposure, this thing was simple and yet so tricky at the same time.

But that’s enough complaining from me. All in all, I had quite the learning experience with this camera. Now that I know its quirks and I see how differently it can be used, whether on a lavish photo shoot like Francisco or just capturing moments in your day to day life and of the ones you love as Chris did, I want to push this things to its limits. The fact that are 73 more of you on this camera alone takes me back and I can’t wait to see what else this camera can do and what all of you can do with it! Thanks again for being a part of this and making this possible, and of course thanks to The Impossible Project for being so amazing and such an asset to this project. I eagerly look forward to what all of you create with this little box.

Happy shooting,



  1. I think you got some fantastic images there! I love #3, 7 and 8!

    • Why, thank you! Some people don’t like it, but I don’t know… there is something about it that resonates with me. I’m not too sure what it is.

  2. Justin your a legend. If you can do this with a 600 what can you do with that 690?!

  3. This serie is so cute! Great job!

  4. Justin,

    You’re SERIOUSLY underestimating your 600 skills. These are fantastic photos!

    And now I’m off to add you as a contact on Flickr.


  5. I also think these are fantastic! I rather like them underexposed, and #5 has such lovely light. Not being able to focus as close as the SX-70 will be challenging for me as well.

  6. Are you in Union City, CA?! Do you ever do any instant photo walks in the area? I’m in Oakland & would love to find some folks interested in instant photo walks. PhotoBooth SF hosts some but it would be nice to find one on the other side of The Bay.

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