600 On A 600: Ligia Berg

So last week we did our first blog post on Camera 3 and it’s journey outside of North America. It did not take long for the camera to get from Uruguay to Argentina and into the hands of Ligia Berg. Ligia choose a fresh batch of Impossible px680 gold edition as her film stock, which compliments the tone of her shots beautifully. Ligia was one of the first people to sign up for the 600 project when it was announced. But,it wasn’t until I got her commentary back on her time with the camera that I found out some exciting news. This project was the first time she had used a Polaroid camera! You really dont know how good it makes us feel that we were able to be the reason someone got to experience the joys of instant film. I think we have a new member in our crazy little club. Lets show her some love and visit her at the following links. Oh, you may want to bust out your old school 3D glasses when you visit her site.

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From Ligia:

I have to say that this is my first time taking pictures with Polaroid. I always wished to take pictures with Polaroid camera, but this was my first opportunity. I really love that ‘the first time with’ was in this way.

I was so worried when the first images took so long to appear. I knew that it takes time but it was more that I can imagine. I attach one picture, that is all blue, graving for the model of that Polaroid, in the process of developing.

I’m glad too, that I can represent my country, being the only one in the list from Argentina.




We’d like to thank Ligia again for being a part of this cameras amazing journey. Also, thanks again to The Impossible Project for helping us make this whole project happen. Please check out their shop for cameras and film to make your own instant memories.

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