600 On A 600: Martin Meyrick


Camera 3 is back on the blog today and getting some more love from the U.K. This time its from Martin Meyrick. Now martin is not a stranger to shooting Polaroids, but this was his first time with a 600 camera and Impossible film. He gives us a little insight on his 8 shots and leaves us knowing he’ll be shooting some more.

From Martin:

“Like others, also my first time with impossible film and the 600 camera. I have an SX70 and still have some old stock Time Zero film so was keen to see how it compared. The Plan – to shoot my film on the way home from seeing an exhibition by Polaroid artist Rhiannon Adam. 1st error, heading off without reading any instructions for the camera. The exhibition was superb, unlike #1 shot where I had no idea about how to turn off the flash. I had read about how the film can take a while to develop and so waited a good 30+ mins to see what I’d got. I shot another and without waiting for it to process, hit the road and straight into a rain storm (# 3). Shots #4 and #5 were random stops on the way but the rain had decided to return and so day 1 finished with me checking online for instructions re, flash.

Day 2 was a local garage ( #6 + #7 ). Would love to say that Shot #8 is a minimalist study in White but was actually an inability to count ( don’t ask ), and over eagerness to put a 2nd film in.
I had a bit more success with the 2nd film but I have posted the 1st film as that was the project. I can see that the same factors that make impossible / instant film fun are the same factors that can frustrate ie time to develop and framing with a 600. Colour wise I was a little disappointed by the yellow hues but I have seen some great results online with CP film so I’ll do some more research. Great to have been involved and looking forward to seeing everyones images.”


We’d like to thank Martin again for being a part of this cameras amazing journey. Also, thanks again to The Impossible Project for helping us make this whole project happen. Please check out their shop for cameras and film to make your own instant memories.

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