600 On A 600: Scott Asano

We almost went coast to coast with Camera 1 this time. After leaving California, the camera made it’s way to Peachtree City, GA and into the hands of Scott Asano. Now Scott isn’t a stranger to instant film. He has an SX-70 and regularly shoots Impossible film. For the project, he choose Impossible Project PX680 CP film. You can find more from Scott at he following links.

Website | Flickr

We love what Scott had to say about his time with the camera, so I’ll turn it over to him.

A few thoughts…

Never having shot a 600 before, I had no idea what to expect.  My main camera to shoot instant film is a trusty SX70.  It was a little strange not having to use the focus wheel when composing.  But there was something freeing about it that I kind of liked.
I decided to use what I knew from my own camera with the 600.  Exposure setting 1/3 to a 1/2 dark.  Compose.  Shoot.  As we all know, half the fun is waiting to see what transpires in the 30 minutes after taking the shot.
I decided to shoot a “blue” theme for my 8.  I’m not sure how well all the images reflect the ‘blue’ i saw… Nevertheless, I’m pleased with what I got.
It has been fun to be a part of the 600 project.  It has challenged and inspired me in a very refreshing way.  But, i won’t lie.  I’m sticking with my SX70!”
Now on to some images!
We’d like to thank Scott again for being a part of this cameras amazing journey. Also, thanks again to The Impossible Project for helping us make this whole project happen. Please check out their shop for cameras and film to make your own instant memories.


  1. The fire hydrant is one of my favorites, the blue is so bold!

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