600 On A 600

With so many questions and so much information being updated on a daily basis with the 600 Project, we thought creating a permanent page here on the blog would be a good idea.

The project: 

The idea was simple. Have 75 photographers shoot 8 exposures on a Polaroid 600 camera and share the results. 75 x 8 = 600 on a 600. It has grown into so much more. We have two cameras going in North America and another making it’s way around the rest of the world.

Guidelines for Participation:

Please use the camera in a timely manner.

Understand that this is for fun. It’s not a contest or  for critique.

If the camera breaks, please contact us as soon as possible so we can send out a replacement.

We need all 8 exposures. That is part if the fun. Please submit scans of images to submit@snapitseeit.com. Just put 8 by “your name” in the subject line. We preffer 800 pixels on the long end. Please include any social media links you would like us to include in the blog post and information on the film you shot.

You can use any past production or current Impossible film still available on The Impossible Project Store for your shots.

No Nudity please. We will be posting these photos to the blog. www.snapitseeit.com and feature them on our Facebook page. 

If you feel inclined to sign the camera or add a sticker, please do.


If you have any questions, please email support@snapitseeit.com.


Here are some helpful links for the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Camera 2

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Flickr Group