600 On A 600 FAQ



1. When do we get the discount code?

For North America: Impossible USA has issued the discount codes in batches and thats how I receive them. As the camera gets closer to you, you will receive an email with the promo code, detailed instructions on where to submit your images and the contact info for the person before and after you on the list. Sending out in batches helps us keep up with the codes and also keeps the project fresh in your mind and not lost in your inbox.

Outside North America: It was mentioned in one of our earlier emails, but I’ll put it here for future reference. The codes that Impossible USA issued will only work in North America. I was unaware of this when we launched the project, and take blame for not verifying this. However, it was decided to get the project off the ground, get people signed up and show Impossible Europe the support we have for them. I will present the list to them and try to obtain some support from them. If they give us a promo after you have shot with the camera, trust me, I will make sure you receive it to. 

Remember, this project is about community and creating something amazing. It’s also about fun!

2. Do we have to use Impossible film?

Yes. It can be any film that can be purchased from The Impossible Store. They donated the cameras and the North American promo codes. We need to show them some love. If you purchase from a partner store, I can make no guarantee that the promo code will work.
Plus, using current film allows people that like the look of your shots, to easily obtain the film stock. No searching ebay for someones 10 year old stock.

3. Can we modify the images?

Yes! Do what you want with them. Burn them, boil them, write on them or turn them into coasters. Be you and do what you do.

4. Do we have to submit all 8? 

Yes. We need all 8 images shot on the camera. I think this will be one of the best parts. Seeing the mishaps along with the keepers.

5. Where do we submit the images?

This is answered in the email you receive before your turn, but we will have you email the images to us to use in your post. We also encourage you to use the Snap It See It Flickr group for posting all your instant shots.

6. What if the Camera breaks?

No worries. If the Camera breaks, the project continues. Just email us and we will ship another camera out to you.

7. What if I move or change my mind about participating?

Well, if you move, please notify us and your information will be updated.

I’m not gonna answer the second part, thats just crazy talk. But seriously, this will be a long project and we hope you hang in there. If you do change your mind, just notify us and we will unsubscribe you from our mailings and remove you from the list. Oh, and banish you from the instant community. 
If you feel inclined to sign the camera, please do. Maybe when they are done we can send them to Impossible for one of their shows. Who knows…