Camera 3



After many emails we received and the discussion on the Facebook page, we have decided to change the list around. I know this is going to move some people up the list and move some people further down, but from a time stand point we agree the camera will move faster this way with less of a chance of getting lost.


We have done our best to organize this camera list. We feel that with the information we received through email and this group, the camera will move fairly quickly.


Current Group Count 75



Anthony Gross | San Deigo, CA

Jaq Poussot | Columbus, OH

Fernanda Montoro | Uruguay

Ligia Berg | Argentina

Gordon McIntyre | United Kingdom

Martin Meyrick | United Kingdom

Tom Wright | United Kingdom

Hilary Clark | United Kingdom

Michael Leahy | United Kingdom

Leanne Surfleet | United Kingdom

Robert Graham |United Kingdom

Sofia Micklewright | United Kingdom

Jade Vincent | United Kingdom

Bethany Morton | United Kingdom

Victoria Brooks | United Kingdom

Henry Driver | United Kingdom

Jessica Tweedale | United Kingdom

Kate Griffin | United Kingdom

Ben innocent | United Kingdom

Tim Lam | United Kingdom

Rebecca Lindon | United Kingdom

Lisa Brown | United Kingdom

Irene Georgiou | United Kingdom

Joanna Lake | United Kingdom

Meredith Wilson | United Kingdom

Ronald Gibson | United Kingdom

John Coady | Ireland

Sara Portela | Portugal

Madeleine Avantin | France

Sarah Seene | France

Francois-Xavier Laurent | France

Matteo Pellegrinuzzi | France

Lance Rothstein | Belgium

Gert Huygaerts | Belgium

Mary Alice Delvaux | Belgium

Siebe Warmoeskerken | Netherlands

Kristian Gundersen | Norway

Laura Huikko | Finland

Andre Elde | Norway

Tomas Finger | Sweden

Andrius Sidlauskas | Lithuania

Michal Rotkuwski | Poland

Agafia Polynchuk | Germany

Tung Chu | Germany

Ralph Odenwälder | Germany

Bastian Kalous | Germany

Andreina Schoeberiein | Switzerland

Christian Baron | Germany

Christian Hang | Germany

Ina Echternach | Germany

Wolfhard Lieber | Germany

Marc von Martial | Germany

Anna Blightman | Germany

Jerome Cimolai | Austria

Manfred Majer | Austria

Giovanni Vigano | Italy

Erika Rossin | Italy

Gaia Inglesi | Italy

Aurora Castagna | Italy

Teresa Romano | Italy

Valeria Genchi | Italy

Giovanna Palleschi | Italy

Arianna Mancuso | Italy

Chrystele Gademer | Hong Kong

Jeff Lam | Hong Kong

Alicia Bumpus | South Korea

Trevor Hill | Japan

Yichi Kuo | Taiwan

Huie Ling Peh | Singapore

Elizabeth Tyson-Doneley | Australia

Beata Gliga | Australia

Stewart Leishman | Australia

Chloe Ferres | Australia

Rodney Adamson | New Zealand

Helena de Kok | New Zealand