A Look at Oneself: Self-Portraits by Leanne Surfleet

A few weeks ago, I got an email with some stunning portraits included. The colors were very pleasing and the use of light to highlight the subject was incredible. I’m still amazed sometimes with the amount of control people are able to obtain from automatic cameras and modern integral film.

The email was from Leanne Surfleet. Based in the UK, Leanne has more credits to her name than I can list. She is an analogue photographer who’s work relies mainly on expired film and polaroids. All she wrote was, “I would love to submit a small series of my latest work with the new generation of Impossible PZ680 Color Protection film. I shoot mainly self-portraits, exploring themes with light and loneliness.”  That was enough, the images speak for themselves.

We encourage you to dig a little deeper into Leanne’s work.  Flickr | Website | Facebook | Instagram

All Images shot using The Impossible Projects PZ680 Color Protection film


If you have a collection of images you would like to have featured on the blog, please email us at submit@snapitseeit.com. Put “themed post” in the subject line.


  1. I absolutely adore these!


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