A portrait session with Francisco Chavira

We hope everyone had a great, restful weekend and you’re ready for a week of work. Today we have a post by Francisco Chavira one of the Co-Founders of Snap It See It. He recently did a small fashion shoot with a team of talented people. These are his results and him talking about the shoot.

“A few weeks ago I had assembled a portrait session with some of my favorite people. I requested to shoot with a model from Utah. I brought in the great stylist Navita Hall who runs The Urban Doll. Perfect makeup from my youtube filming friend Kate Spicer of  So Filthy Gorgeous. My sister also happens to be a very talented Cosmetologists, so she came along. We assembled to make some amazing images and I feel like we succeeded. I shot lots of film and tried some new techniques, and pushing my abilities to places I have been wanting. Apart from shooting more instant film I also shot more 4×5 film then I had before. And, I shot on a seemless background for the first time. Anyways, this is an instant blog so we will focus on that. 

I shot two packs of PX680 with an ND filter and had the best shooting ratio I’ve ever had with Impossible film. Out of two packs only one shot was lost. The reason it failed was a camera issue not a bad exposure. Still unsure. I also had a chance to fire off some FP100c via my 4×5. I am becoming more and more attracted to the idea of shooting instant film via the my 4×5. The biggest challenge I have is the size of the camera. Making in image is not the easiest thing to do. I can admit to that! Large format photography is the ultimate challenge in exposure, focusing and composing. But the thing is, it is EXTREMELY rewarding and the images are spectacular when you get it right.

As I always do, I had my SX70 alongside me. I don’t think I would dare go on a shoot without it anymore. The more practice i get to have with it, the more I start to naturally know if there is an image worth making with it. The biggest hurdle I have  when shooting the SX-70 isn’t the lack of manual controls, but composing a square image. The world is more horizontal to me. 

The second thing I have started to notice is the heat. For me, living in California, the temp balance shifted about a month ago. It used to be that I had to worry about the cold. All my photos had to be developed in my pocket. Now, due to the heat, I find I’m developing my shots in an Impossible box and in my insulated camera bag. I always try to make sure my bag stays relatively cool and out of the sun. I noticed my photos did develop a little warmer then usual, not a huge deal, but something I will make sure to watch more carefully in the months to come.

 I learned a lot in this shoot not only about shooting but my over all vision. I am so grateful for my team of amazing people and this stunning model. I cant wait for another upcoming shoot. Here are my results I hope you like them as much as I do.”


  1. Beautiful! The outdoor shots are stunning!

  2. GoneApey says:

    Nicely done Francisco!

  3. Kristin says:

    Beautiful images! Especially love that 7th one!

  4. y r u so amazng???/

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