About Us: The Site and the Team

Snap It See It. Whats it all about?

First off, we love instant photography. Like really, we love it. All forms, from Land Cameras and 4×5’s, classic models like the SX-70 and 600’s, to the several Medium Format cameras with pack film backs. Admittedly, we have a soft spot for Impossible Projects new integral films. And we cant leave out Fuji’s Instax cameras, and the fun images they produce.

The site is a place to showcase instant photography. The cameras and films available, their pros and cons. One of the most exciting things is our artist/vendor spotlight page. Interviews with  people that have a clear voice in this type of photography. And last, we will have a section for tips and tricks, hacks and mods, and all that alternative process has to offer.



Chris Kale

“I have always loved the look of instant film. Even as a child. When I got a Mamiya RZ67, I grabbed some Fuji fp3000b and fell back in love. Its like having the best of both worlds. An amazing medium format system, with an even faster gratification then digital”


Melissa Mercado

“I love how instant film renders color, it’s imperfections and sometimes unpredictability. Every frame ends up in your hands within minutes ready for admiration. It’s since become more about the film’s look, it’s an experience that has changed how I interact with my photography for the better.”