An Exclusive Interview With Snapjet | Why Snapjet Is Different Then The Instant Lab

Months ago, we noticed SnapJet follow us on social media. We check every single person that does, to see who our readership is, plus we really love social media. Anyway, we instantly became fans of the work they were beginning and got in touch. For months we have been chatting about their Kickstarter and where they plan to take this rad new tool. So I got to know Ismail pretty well and managed to ask him a few blunt questions that I knew our readers would be interested in. So, below is our interview with SnapJet and I asked questions I knew many of you would love to ask him. We would also love to know of any other questions you may have for them. Leave them in the comments and we will be sure to forward them and post a follow up article!
Oh! One more thing before I let you go! SnapJet’s Kickstarter only has a few hours left! This is your last chance to get a SnapJet for a discount! They are completely funded – SnapJet is a funded reality! So rest assured you will get your own. If you want to be among the first, head on over to their Kickstarter and back them! Okay, on to our interview. Believe us, this is one you don’t want to miss.
Snap It See It | Our readers are very familiar with Impossible Project’s Instant Lab, how is SnapJet different from the Instant lab?
The Impossible Instant Lab is similar to SnapJet in that it sources images from the smartphone screen. It’s a very interesting device, which mimics the act of holding a phone in front of an instant camera and taking a picture. The telescoping tower prevents stray light from interfering with the image, and includes an embedded lens to focus the image precisely onto Impossible’s film.
Where SnapJet differs is that we use a focal plane shutter and have eliminated the lens altogether. Using a fiber optic array, we are able to transfer the light from the smartphone screen directly to the instant film without requiring a telescoping tower. The focal plane shutter additionally serves to eliminate the need for an app that turns the iPhone screen on and off during the exposure.
The result is fewer steps required to develop the image, and a compact form-factor.
Snap It See It | Are their plans to expand to the Instax Wide film now that the Iphone 6 is out and phones are bigger and bigger? 
Lots of users have been specifically asking for Instax Wide support, and we should have an exciting stretch goal announcement in the next few days to address this need. Please stay tuned. =)
I should add that there are many directions our project can be taken in, perhaps even a version that uses Impossible film. The great thing about open-source is that there are no gatekeepers. If anyone wants to take the lead on this and clone our repository, they are encouraged to do so!
Snap It See It | Why was Instax film the choice for for SnapJet?
Instax film was extremely high quality, widely available, and affordable. This made it a clear choice for SnapJet.
Snap It See It | One of the biggest things that film photographers want is to create custom backs for cameras. Impossible isn’t currently providing their FPU to photographers. Because Snapjet is an open platform can you imagine photographers hacking the SnapJet to fit film cameras? 
SnapJet can definitely be hacked to create custom backs. It’s essentially about removing our optical scanner and possibly adding a manual (sheet metal) shutter. Then there are the lightproofed fittings for each individual camera model – but these may be independently 3d printed and painted.
Perhaps this is another Kickstarter in the making 🙂
Snap It See It | Creating an Instax wide back for cameras is a great idea by the way ;] Please make it happen!
Sure thing! Many users are echoing this, and we are excited about it too.
Snap It See It | What is the timeline from start to finish when people will get the SnapJet in their hands?
According to our estimates, we’ll need until May 2014 to complete any final changes to the design for manufacturability and cost optimization. Once this is complete, our repository opens up to the general public, after thorough documentation and other cleanup.
After that we’re budgeting 7 months for the actual manufacture and reliability testing. We are going to try our very best to ship out to our backers before Christmas 2015.

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