Andrew Thomas Lee: Manchester Orchestra | The Tabernacle

So, things have been crazy around here lately. Wedding season hits, and everyone gets behind with their real jobs. I’ll be the first to admit, with my recent trip to Haiti and an unexpected illness, I have not been on top of things. Usually, we try to stay on top of whats being posted to social media and look for things we think might interest our readers.

Well, despite our slackness, we have people looking out for us. This was the case yesterday, when Matt Day sent me a message about a rad set of images he saw on Facebook. The post was by Atlanta based photographer Andrew Thomas Lee and I’m so glad I was directed to it. I couldn’t wait to share this set with you, hope you enjoy them as much as we do. I included both the print and the recovered negative in the post so you can see the difference in the two. Let Andrew know what you think in the comments. We would love to see more work like this!

“Manchester Orchestra have been friends for a long while and I actually used to be in the band. When we shot the promos for their new album COPE, I used a lot of polaroids. When they asked me to shoot their homecoming show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, I thought it would be cool to try and shoot the show with polaroids. It ended up working out far better than I imagined, thanks to the film having a fast ISO. The other benefit to using the 3000b was being able to use the negative. Since some of the photos were blown out and some underexposed (due to quickly changing lights) I was able to salvage a couple of shots with the scanned negatives. Focus was a challenge sometimes since they tend to be moving a lot, but I think the experiment worked. It was amazing to be able to see them sell out the biggest venue they’ve played this far in Atlanta. All of these were shot with my Polaroid 195 and Fuji-3000b.” – Andrew

You can see more of Andrews work and follow him online at the links below.

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  1. Andrew, FANTASTIC job!!!! I love all of these. For you to shoot indoors and at a concert where the artists were constantly moving, I can’t believe how awesome these shots came out. More evidence for why Fuji needs to keep making it!!! I’m inspired!

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