Artist Spotlight: George Weiss III

Welcome back to another Artist Spotlight installment. This week we are featuring George Weiss III. Based out of Lancaster, PA, George is a portrait and wedding photographer. He has truly mastered the use of instant film in his workflow, giving his clients unique memories to mark their time with him. You can find more of George’s work by following the links below.









(1) How did you get into instant photography?


It’s kind of funny actually, my wife’s (then girlfriend) father gave me an SX-70 sonar that belonged to his father. He said he was doing some cleaning at his mother’s house and found it in a drawer. a couple months later he found another one somewhere else in the house and gave it to me. This was right around the time that polaroid stopped producing film and the impossible project was in it’s early stages. I remember buying 600 film and TZ artistic before impossible started producing it’s own films. I fell in love with it immediately.

(2) What is your favorite camera used for instant photography?

Easily the SX-70. I have a couple sonars and an alpha. The SLR680 is a close second place.

(3) What instant camera have you not shot with, but would love to try?

20×24 🙂

(4) What’s your favorite Impossible film or pack film type?

PX680 Color Protection. The contrast and saturation are gorgeous and not having to shield it from the light makes shooting it a lot more simple.

(5) How have you incorporated instant film into your regular workflow?

I will typically shoot at least a few images for everything I do. Sometimes it’s just a couple and sometimes it will be a couple packs. It all depends on the situation.

(6) How would you describe your voice or vision with instant photography? (does it differ from your other work?)

I think my voice with instant photography matches my other work pretty well. It’s definitely an ongoing process though. When I’m shooting with an SX-70 I don’t have the option to meter the way i would say shooting medium format or something like that which is a challenge. Trying to figure out and understand exactly how the camera is going to expose for any given situation and then manipulating the exposure dial to make an image that matches the vision I have.

(7) Any personal projects we should know about?

Nothing too specific but I’ll be shooting a lot of instant film this year.

(8) What other photographers do you look up too?

Michael Smith of Ash Imagery is probably my favorite in the industry. I really enjoy Davis Ayer’s stuff, there are a lot of folks on flickr who I’m inspired by as well. Namely Patrick Tobin, Rommel, Patrick Joust and The Gentleman Amateur. There are plenty of others too but I forget off the top of my head. I’m always checking out flickr and tumblr for inspiration.

(9) What advice would you give to someone just getting into instant photography?

Don’t’ get discouraged if you’re not getting the images you want right away. It can be daunting because the films and cameras are fickle beasts. But when you get a shot you love it makes it worthwhile.

(10) Where does most of your inspiration come from? Do you seek it out or wait till it finds you?

I’d have to say that I do a little bit of both. Seek inspiration and also wait till it finds me. Although I feel like I have a harder time when I’m actively trying to seek it out rather than waiting until I’m really feeling it.







  1. It is worth noting that while George is a talented photographer, he is an equally great person and pleasure to be around. Any couple looking for a photographer who is creative and who they can feel comfortable sharing their special moments with need look no further than George…it is rare to find someone quite as dedicated to his craft as he is.

  2. Enjoyed reading the interview and I like the photos.
    Question – your favorite camera is sx-70 and favorite film is px680 protection – do you prefer 680 color protection in the sx-70 to px70 color protection? what is the difference?

    • Thanks Horace! I do prefer the PX680 to PX70 just because I think the colors are better. To compensate for the faster film I pretty much always turn the exposure dial on my SX-70 all the way to darken or occasionally use an ND filter. Hope


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