Artist Spotlight: Konrad Röhringer


We are back on the blog with another Artist Spotlight. If you are new to the blog, this is a weekly feature, where we spotlight photographers and artist that are inspiring others with there instant film work.

This week, the spotlight is on Germany based photographer Konrad Röhringer. I came across Konrad in the Snap It See It Flickr pool. The pinks and blues of a particular image caught my eye and made me take a second look. You can see more of Konrad’s work and follow him online at the links below.

Website Flickr

* header photo by Toni Petraschk

A little about yourself. Where you are from and what you do.

My name is Konrad Röhringer, I was born in the late 80’s in a small village near Dresden.

Raised in eastern Germany shortly after the wall came down had it’s results in a rather quiet and unspectacular childhood.

I am living in Dresden for a couple of years now which feels more and more like a village all over again after spending to much time in this place.

A couple of month ago I finished university and started working a job that doesn’t relate to my degree at all.

So I guess I’ll move eventually.

How did you get into instant photography?

I bought a Polaroid back for my Hasselblad a few years ago and was instantly hooked.

What is your favorite camera used for instant photography?

I love to take pictures with the Polaroid 600SE.

That camera is a beast in it’s form and capabilities, even if focusing can be a pain in the ass.

What instant camera have you not shot with, but would love to try?

I would like to try a Polaroid 180 or (185,190,195) as it’s being a way smaller camera than the

600SE. I would take it wherever I go.

What’s your favorite Impossible film or pack film type?

Fuji FP-100c and FP-3000b. To be honest, I haven’t had the chance to try something else, yet.

So if someone feels the need to send me some fancy pack film I would not be too angry with them, haha.

How have you incorporated instant film into your regular workflow?

I started a series shooting bands & musicians I like on 6×6 film. Then I switched to Polaroid continuing this series.

I tend to leave some of the positives with the musicians while I still got the negatives.

In the end everybody takes something from a shoot like this which is kind of the joy in instant photography I guess, at least in my opinion.

How would you describe your voice or vision with instant photography? (does it differ from your other work?)

I always seek out for great light and the effect it has on people.

Any personal projects we should know about?

I started a series using blue & red fluorescent lights. In a perfect case scenario this two colors mixed together result in this magnificent 

indigo typ. I’ll shoot some more people with this setup and also try it on roll film eventually.

Also I will continue taking pictures of musicians & bands and getting some flash devices involved at some point.

What other photographers do you look up too?

It would not be right to drop some heavy names at this point.

Because the most influential person and the photographer I draw inspiration from is a very good friend of mine.

His name is Toni Petraschk. He pretty much got me started in analogue photography and helps me out with his knowledge till this day.

So be sure to check out his work:

What advice would you give to someone just getting into instant photography?

Get a hold of some pack film as long it is out there and be prepared for some magical moments.

Where does your inspiration come from? Do you seek it out or wait till it finds you?

As I said there is this one dude I told you about.

A big part also comes from music I am listening to and from the people I surround myself with.

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