Artist Spotlight: Sarah Robertson


photo by Joshua Mahar

It’s monday, time to start the week off with an Artist Spotlight! This week we bring you Sarah Robertson. Sarah is originally from  Beaverton, Oregon but now calls Provo, Utah her home. In her own words, she’s currently trying to define/figure out who she is as an artist, but when I look at her work I see a clear direction and voice. I’ve actually know of Sarah for a while now. Besides being a great photographer, Sarah works for The FIND lab and does an amazing job processing the labs B&W film.

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How did you get into instant photography?

When I was studying at Brigham Young University – Idaho I worked at the Photo Lab. Every semester my coworkers and I would take portraits of ourselves as a sort of way to identify us as lab assistants. One semester my coworker (Kristopher Orr) introduced me to 3000b. I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

What is your favorite camera used for instant photography?

I’m a big fan of using the Polaroid back for my Mamiya RZ67. I love that it comes out square! I’ve always been a big square fan – except for the weird polka dot phase in high school.

What instant camera have you not shot with, but would love to try?

I would love to shoot Fuji Instax Mini 90. Not only is it pretty, but it would be great to have just a tad bit more control when I’m shooting.

What’s your favorite Impossible film or pack film type?

I have loved 3000b from the get go. It is the film I shot my BFA project on and really helped me really find my voice. I’m sad with the current situation and what looks like its untimely demise. However, I can look back and be incredibly happy with the images it allowed me to create.

How have you incorporated instant film into your regular workflow?

Too be honest I don’t have much of a regular workflow. I work very much on a project basis. So I’m either 100% instant film or none.

How would you describe your voice or vision with instant photography? (does it differ from your other work?)

My voice is something I am still working on defining! But, I would say my shooting still stays pretty consistent no matter what medium I am using while I shoot. I like straight up, honest images. I do appreciate when I shoot instantly because I can see immediately if my view of the situation is working well or not.

Any personal projects we should know about?

I am currently working on a project about the town I live in – Provo, Utah. It’s a college town nestled right beneath the mountains in Utah. It’s full of such an interesting assortment of people. I am totally intrigued by it.

What other photographers do you look up too?

Ruth Bernhard is a huge influence in my figure work. She was such a rad lady with such a love for life and light. I am also a big fan of Sally Mann. I love her approach to photography – she has such blatant honesty in all of the images she creates.

What advice would you give to someone just getting into instant photography?

Don’t be afraid to dive in. Find what instant film you like best and then go for it. And shoot, shoot, shoot. I am a big believer in Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule. If you practice enough you will get better!

Where does your inspiration come from? Do you seek it out or wait till it finds you?

When I was doing my undergrad I would sit in my room and listen to Tegan and Sara for hours wracking my brain trying to be inspired. Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn’t. Now I try and get out. Be inspired what I am surrounded by. Seems to work a lot better than banging my head against a wall until an idea comes 🙂

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