Artist Spotlight: Siebe Warmoeskerken

image (4)Welcome back to another Artist Spotlight, our weekly feature of photographers we feel have a clear and unique voice in instant photography. Have someone in mind you would like to see featured? Maybe it’s you. Leave us a comment and let us know!

Now, on to this weeks feature. Siebe Warmoeskerken, Vetpan on the interwebs, hasn’t been shooting instant film long. One look at his work, and you might have a hard tim believing that. Find him on the web and show him some love!

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• A little about yourself. Where you are from and what you do.

I am Siebe Warmoeskerken from Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands.
Woodworking is in my blood, photography makes me happy and do things I normally wouldn’t do.

How did you get into instant photography?

It all started with the not so instant Hasselblad. I purchased a Hassy 2 years ago and found a cheap polaroid back for it on eBay. I emptied a few packs of FP film but I was never happy with the results. The biggest draw back for me was the 56x56mm exposed are on the much larger film size, it feels like you’re waisting 2/3 of your film. It was cool to get an instant result with the Hasselblad but it never triggered me to do more with instant photography. But that was until the day that Tomas Wright found me on the streets in London and he introduced me to the “real” world of polaroid with his SX70. From that day on my interest for old Polaroid cameras and The Impossible Project started growing.

What is your favorite camera used for instant photography?

That’s easy, the SX-70. It is far from perfect and you won’t get the best results. But it’s such an unique camera, I mean how did they came up with the design of this thing? The SX70 is one of the cheaper cameras that I own / have owned but it’s the one that I admire the most. I even upgraded the leather skin with some fancy Teak veneer.

What instant camera have you not shot with, but would love to try?

It’s not a typical standard instant camera but I’d love to try a 8×10 instant back on a large format camera. It’s expensive like hell and horrible to work with but I think it’s worth all the effort.

What’s your favorite Impossible film or pack film type?

PX colour protection. It’s the best film made by impossible jet and photo emulsion has never been so easy. It’s shares the same colour pallet as the previous PX Cool film but doesn’t require shielding.

How have you incorporated instant film into your regular workflow?

Not really. I see polaroid as a personal project and for me it’t not related to my normal film/digital photo works. I always have the camera with me but I’m mostly using it for behind the scenes footage and snaps of happy moments. Most polaroids end up on the big pile of negatives, instant photos but some get lifted and end up in mtg portfolio.

How would you describe your voice or vision with instant photography? (does it differ from your other work?)

Instant photography is a nostalgic way to capture a moment with your friends and family. Everybody likes to be captured on polaroid and that’s something only polaroid can do. It doesn’t matter how awe full the colours are or how blurry the photo is, that frame is enough to relive that moment in your mind.

Any personal projects we should know about?

Not really, those things happen spontaneously. I live in a “sweet spot” where I’m able to step in my car and drive to France, Germany, Belgium or Luxembourg in a window of 2 hours.

What other photographers do you look up too?

I’m not really looking at other photographers to be honest, I follow my own vision. Sure there are a few names out there that do magnificent work but they are playing a different game.

What advice would you give to someone just getting into instant photography?

Do research on the web before you purchase a camera based on only the looks, specs. Go to flickr search for polaroid or impossible film and open ever photo that you like in a new tab. Run through all the opened photos/tabs and see what camera they used and what type of film. Now you know what type of camera you can use the best to get those same results. Be careful on eBay and never go for the cheapest or most expensive model.

Where does most of your inspiration come from? Do you seek it out or wait till it finds you?

Well in 2006 I added a couple of contacts to my Flickr profile +7000 . It’s a mixed bath of pro, amateurs and all sorts of photographers and that creates an interesting feed to look at. I browse through the latest uploads of all those contacts on a daily base and that is enough to inspire me. Then again it’s not like I’m eager to shoot random shit every minute of the day. I wait it out most of the time till something triggers me.


  1. Love those lifts! great work!

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