Artist Spotlight: Zel-Atif Ishak

self portraitHappy Thursday everyone! Time for this weeks Artist Spotlight. Coming to us from Malaysia, we have Zel-Atif Ishak. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Zel-Atif is a full-time freelance photographer that occasionally does graphic design and illustration work. Most of the work submitted for this feature is pack film, one look at his Tumblr page and you will quickly see that the Fuji Instax is a major player in capturing the world around him. I have fallen in love with the Instax Gif’s and plan to try some of those myself in the near future. As always, please take the time to check out the links and show some interweb love to our featured artist.


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How did you get into instant photography?

Ah! this brings back my high school memories when I was a senior in 2001. Back then, to get your film processed may took 3 to 4 days..

So i decided to buy some kind of instant camera at the local camera store in my home town. As you know, polaroid went bankrupt in 2001,

so it’s pretty hard to find a polaroid camera, especially in Malaysia. Luckily there were this one camera store / studio that my family used to go to

for family portraits, they had a bunch of polaroid 600 cameras and i bought one for RM60 = 20$. The camera is still functioning up to this day and it still looks

like the first time bought it.

What is your favourite camera used for instant photography?

Fujifilm instax mini 7s / 8. Always! It’s easy to carry around and small enough to fit in my jacket pocket or small camera bag.

What instant camera have you not shot with, but would love to try?

My wish list!

1. SX-70

2. fuji fp 1 fotorama

3. Mamiya 6×7 polaroid back (does this count??)

What’s your favourite Impossible film or pack film type?

have tried the first px600 film and spectra film. I don’t like it at first, but after seeing other people’s polaroid pictures, damn! i gotta try some more.

How have you incorporated instant film into your regular workflow?

My work is strictly digital, but i tend to bring my film cameras on the job. I would shoot film on cigarette or coffee break.

How would you describe your voice or vision with instant photography? (does it differ from your other work?)

Hmmm, i would say shooting an instant film or just film is a luxury, not many people can afford or knows how to use it.

I feel privileged to be a part of what’s left of the history of photography, especially to shoot with an instant camera. The uniqueness of

the result of every exposure still blows my mind. Even some of my happy clients prefer my polaroids or fuji’s instead of the digital.

Any personal projects we should know about?

I’ve been compiling a series of “what’s your camera” using my trusted fuji instax 8. I’m planing to do a mini exhibition in the future after i’ve got 100 shots, i have 80 more to go. Wish me luck!

What other photographers do you look up too?

Some digital shooters and some film. Jose Villa is one of my favourite, Elizabeth Messina , Vivian Maier, Max Wanger, Erick Danielson and lots more.

What advice would you give to someone just getting into instant photography?

Buy the simplest instant camera out there, like fuji instax. If you like the results and want to control a certain effect, then start to look for

good ones.

Where does most of your inspiration come from? Do you seek it out or wait till it finds you?

There’s a lot of good photographers out there, and i feel like it’s a challenge for me to do better or try harder to get the best

result that i can get.



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