Ashley Kelemen: Honest & Raw

If you follow the blog, Let The Kids Dress Themselves, then the name Ashley Kelemen will be no stranger to you. Ashley is one of the talented bloggers at LTK and she is one amazing photographer too.

Enjoying the Southern California life with her husband, were glad to see she is bringing instant photography into her workflow.

Recently, we came across a shot she did with Susan Yee on Instagram. The mood of the shot sparked a conversation and we found out there was a whole session done that day. Ashley said she got together with Susan because she was at a place with her work where she wanted to take portraits in a more honest and raw direction.

These images are a result of that. All images shot on an SX-70 Sonar ONESTEP using Impossible Project PX680 Color Protection film.


You can find more of Ashley’s work and follow her online at the following links.





We’d love to feature your work on the blog. If you have a set of images with a common theme or a session you did, please drop us a line and let us know.


  1. Ashley is awesome! Love seeing her featured here!

  2. omg that last polaroid!!!

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