Assignment: Coin Operated

Reach in your pocket right now. How much change do you have? My guess is zero. Truth is, times have changed and the need to carry cash has become almost void. Things that actually take change in our everyday life are also slowly becoming obsolete.

This weeks assignment was ” Coin Operated”. When I thought of this assignment, I had visions of drugstore rides from my childhood in mind, but when I set out to find them, they were gone. Sad really, that something so simple and cheap has disappeared. I did eventually find a ride, in the middle of an outlet mall, but wow no more 25 cent smiles. They are up to a dollar now!

Looks like several shots from this week were on the same mission. Thanks to those who submitted!


This weeks contributors: 

Martin Holland

Anne Bowerman

Toby Hancock

Rommel Pecson

Georgette Swenson

Rodney Adamson

Chris Kale


Our next assignment is “Wedding” and will go live on Aug 21st. All submissions need to be to us by the 6th at 8:00 PM EST. Submitting is easy at Snap It See It. Just click here.

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