Assignment: Costume

Well, Fall is in full swing and in some homes, that means it’s time for the kiddies to get dressed up for Halloween. What am I saying, I think the adults have just as much fun playing dress-up. The theme for our assignment this week was Costume. I actually had a great time shooting a local businesses Halloween party and grabbed some shots of some interesting characters.

I have listed the themes for the next 4 assignments here. They will carry us through December. We look forward to your submissions!


This weeks contributors:

Chris Kale

Josh Ulmer

Matthew Imperati

Julio Rivas

Celina Wyss

Emy Charitsi

Lisa Toboz

Jax Harmon

Jade Sheldon-Burnsed


Thanks to everyone who submitted! And remember, submitting for future assignments is easy on our submit page.

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