Assignment: Decay


-v become decomposed; rot: vegetation that was decaying. decline in excellence, prosperity, health, etc.; deteriorate. cause to decay or decompose; rot: The dampness of the climate decayed the books.

4.decomposition; rot: Decay made the wood unsuitable for use.
5.a gradual falling into an inferior condition; progressive decline: the decay of international relations; the decay of the Aztec civilizations.
6.decline in or loss of strength, health, intellect, etc.: His mental decay is distressing.


The theme for this assignment was “Decay”. I like to think that just because something is falling apart or has been put aside never to be used again, that we can still find beauty in it. I think that point is proven with the following selection of images.


This weeks contributors:

Chris Kale

Rodney Adamson

Teresa Heath

Jill Laudenslager

 Francisco Chavira

Fabian Carlos

Justin Molina

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  1. Thanks for including my images! I really love this collection.


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