Assignment: Double Exposure

double exposure

— n photography

1. the act of exposing the same film, frame, plate,etc., twice.

2. the picture resulting from such exposure.


Weather done on accident or done on purpose, double exposures can be some of the most captivating images to come from our cameras. They can also be some of the most challenging images to create. Knowing how to balance exposures and place your subjects comes from experience. With roll film, you had to guess at the out come and wait for development. With digital you dont even have to take two images with the idea of a double exposure in mind, just combine what works in Photoshop to achieve your results.

Then there is instant film. You have to know your placement and exposures like roll film, but you have the instant feed back in your hand and can make adjustments if needed.

We love double exposures and from the looks of things, ya’ll do too!


This weeks contributors:

Chris Kale

Dr. J Caldwell

Justin Molina

Travis Ennis

Valerie Baillargeon

Ina Echternach

Rodney Adamson

Matt Day

James Chadbourne

Kristen Perman

Mary Ciesynski

Daniel Garretson

Gerry Irawan

Kyle White

Becka Robinson

Blake Pack

Francisco Chavira


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  1. These are super cool! love them all! Inspires me to try more doubles! great work guys!

  2. Love these!

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