Assignment: Family

Today on the blog, we celebrate Family. We put out the call for images shot on Instant film that celebrate what Family means to our readers. We had images that covered everything from birthdays to bathtubs. I love seeing the shots from holidays and theme parks. The young and the old. the smiles and surprises. Instant film is fun! And having an instant camera around to capture those we love and share the memory together, right after the shot is taken is priceless. Keep your camera close and your family closer!

Our next Assignment post is “Joy”. It will be on the blog December 18th. Start submitting now on our submit page.

Now for some pictures!


This weeks contributors: 

 Chris Kale

Andy Kale

Dave Waddell

Kiera Haddock

Steven Wallace

Michael Smith

Roger Ellsworth

Ernest Lew

Marisa Mouton

Michael Munoz

Kara Gadong

Paul Lindeboom

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