Assignment: Found

It’s assignment time! The theme for this assignment was Found. The submissions for this theme were very interesting. We got everything from found Polaroids to found trash. We found Waldo and even found time during a photography workshop to get a tattoo. Enjoy the images and join the fun!


This weeks contributors:

Anne Bowerman

Daniel Garretson

Mary Ciesynski

Rodney Adamson

Chris Kale

Kim Oberski

Martin Holland


I want to remind you of how easy it is to submit for the assignments. You dont even have to compose an email.

We have changed our submit  page to allow for uploading your images through the site. Just select your images, choose which assignment you are submitting to and thats it.

We encourage everyone  to join the fun and try these. In two weeks the theme is “Vice“. What’s got a hold of you? We cant wait to see what y’all come up with.

We need submissions for  the next post by Tuesday June 11th at 8:00 AM, East Coast time.

A complete list of assignments through July can be found here.




  1. Tell Anne Bowerman the first diptych of the old couple is amazing. And i’ve added her on flickr.

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