Assignment: My Town

Has it been two weeks already? Wow, time has gone by fast this summer. Our Assignment this week was ” My Town”.

I’ve never been much of a traveler, I’ve actually lived in the same city for 36 years. When I do hit the road though, I usually take backroads or check the net for interesting things along the way. I just love seeing little towns and the people that live in them. I also love seeing big cities and the mix of culture they bring.

I had the chance to visit Austin, TX this year and got to hang with some locals. Seeing the city as a visitor, but with their guidance was Amazing, and thats where the inspiration for this weeks theme came from. We wanted to see where our readers call home and get a quick glimpse of what you love about your town. For me, it’s dive restaurants, small businesses in a booming city, and a skyline that has gone from 5 story department stores to several skyscrapers. I love my town!

Now, here is a look at where some of our readers call home.

This weeks Contributors:

Mary Ciesynski

Anne Bowerman

Sara Peppinck

John Fong

Caleb Jenkins

Lance Rothstein

Jenn Brookes

Rusty Wright

Ariel Perez

Aurora Castagna

Chris Kale

Justin Molina

Toby Hancock 

Thanks to all who submitted for this theme. Our next assignment is “Perfect Stranger“. We will be taking submissions for it through Sept. 17th. You can submit for ” Perfect Stranger” on our submit page and view future Assignments here.

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