Assignment: Stained

So, the theme for this weeks assignment was “Stained”. We were hoping to get a variety of images for this theme, but that does not seem to be the case. Several people we chatted with online about the subject came back with the same response, ” I dont take pictures of staines” .  I guess this is where the old saying ” You win some, You loose some” comes into play.

We only have a few images to share this week, but I think they show just how different a single word can be interpreted.

We hope in the weeks to come, these assignments will take off. We do listen to feedback though and have changed them from weekly to bi-weekly to allow more time between post.

Now, before we get to this weeks images, I want to remind you of the new way to submit for the assignments without having to compose an email.

We have changed our submit  page to allow for uploading your images through the site. Just select your images, choose which assignment you are submitting to and thats it.

We encourage everyone  to join the fun and try these. In two weeks the theme is: Found. This could really be a fun theme by going through old family photos and I cant wait to see what y’all come up with.

We need submissions for  the next post by Tuesday May 28th at 8:00 AM, East Coast time.

A complete list of assignments through May can be found here.


This weeks contributors:

Chris Kale

Rodney Adamson

Jaye Crist (submitted a digital shot, Oops… But at least they submitted)

Martin Holland


  1. I really like the different interpretations. I was hoping to submit but had to go out of town. I personally think “Stained” was a great idea. That’s the beauty of these assignments; too see the world differently, to maybe shoot something we normally wouldn’t, and to get the creative juices flowing. Keep all the good work up!

    • Thanks Teresa! I know we will see more from you. We think they are fun and with the extended time to submit, I hope they take off.

  2. Charlene Hardy says:

    It was fun to see what was submitted- the stained theme stumped me. 🙂

  3. It’s been hard to find time to shoot between packing and moving, but I’ll be joining in the theme fun soon!

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