Assignment: Vice

vice (vaɪs)

— n
1. an immoral, wicked, or evil habit, action, or trait
2. habitual or frequent indulgence in pernicious, immoral, or degrading practices
3. a specific form of pernicious conduct, esp prostitution or sexual perversion
4. a failing or imperfection in character, conduct, etc: smoking is his only vice
5. a police squad charged with enforcing laws dealing with gambling, prostitution and narcotics, Example: Miami Vice
6. An appliance for holding an object as work is done upon it, usually having a pair of jaws

The word Vice has many meanings. For some of us, these magic pictures that appear before our eyes may be it. For others, that drag on a cigarette in the morning when you first wake up or that cup of joe from Starbucks. Whatever it is, it’s got a hold on you like the vice on granddads workbench gripping that lawnmower blade as he sharpens it. Lets see how some of our readers interpret the word.


This weeks contributors: 

Martin Holland

Mary Ciesynski

Valerie Baillargeon

Rodney Adamson

Chris Kale

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