Autumn Polaroid Week Roundup

For Featured Friday, we’ll be rounding up our favorite photos of Polaroid Week 2014, pt. 2! Also, we’ll not be posting on Friday, as you can see, so we could let all 5 days run their course before posting. Polaroid Week is always such an exciting time to be in probably what is the most lively photo communities a photographer could be a part of. There are so many photos we would like to share, it’s hard to include them all (and some we couldnt share due to user restrictions), but if you haven’t yet, you’re urged to see for yourself just how amazing the artists in this little community are. Thanks for another great Polaroid Week. Until next time, and have a good weekend!

Untitled by Worth James Goddard

by The Gentleman Amateur

tuesday* by andrea

“Don't Panic.”
Don’t Panic. by ina echternach

2nd Street Tunnel
2nd Street Tunnel by Toby Hancock

Untitled by Irene Georgiou

New Horizons
New Horizons by Nicholas Carn

A New Day at the Harbour
A New Day at the Harbour by Graham Polaroid

Crown of stars
Crown of stars by Rachael Baez

Untitled by Aubry Rose Aragon


  1. Graham Polaroid Johnstone says:

    Thank you for featuring my Polaroid 🙂

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