Best Instant Film Videos on Youtube

Youtube rocks and I have been spending far to much time on it lately, watching fail videos and wasting time. However, spending so much time on Youtube has lead me to discover some amazing videos and have learned some rad new things about instant film I never new before. So I thought this playlist would be perfect for you guys to learn some cool things about 20×24, 8×10, bleaching negatives, and this list being the best playlist of instant film videos online! FYI this list contains a few hours worth of awesomeness so proceed with caution and don’t get sucked in! You’ve been warned.

If you guys know of any great instant film videos available online please let everyone know in the comments!

20×24 Polaroid Camera

Peel Apart/ FP 100c

This one is particularly interesting because this is one of the only videos that shows how to shoot with strobes and Land Cameras.

Impossible Project

Wetplate Collodian!

Paolo Roversi Documentary { French Only }

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