Birgit Hart: Last Days of Summer

Ok, I know you must be looking at that title and thinking that the last days of summer were months ago. Well, they were, and I miss them a lot!

It has been hovering in the teens and low thirties here in Charlotte lately. I know thats nothing compared to some parts of the states, but it’s enough to make me want some warm weather to creep in.

Scrolling through Instagram, I came across an image that made me stop for a second and think. I thought about shorts and tee’s. Warm water and swimming. The sound of my kid yelling CANNONBALL!!! It was one of those images that just put you in a moment. A moment that you wish wasn’t too far away when it’s 18 degrees outside. Here is the image. It’s by Birgit Hart, and it’s beautiful. To see more of Birgit’s work, please follow these links.

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I contacted Birgit and asked for more. Happy to provide the set of shots , these images are from a beautiful day out on the lake with family and friends.

“Days like these could last forever… Late August, a beautiful hot summer day (of which we don’t get that much sadly) and the whole family at a lake called Wörthsee – just outside of Munich. There are many wonderful lakes in bavaria, but this is our favorite.
We bring lots of food – and mommy brings cameras. On this day I decided to bring my little monster, the Polaroid 600SE and my Lomo for the kids. Most of the shots were taken late afternoon, the sky was so intensly blue! Film stock used: Fuji FP-100c silk.
The only problem I had: dry&store the polas on a bathing jetty… and focusing on jumping kids :)”

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  1. These are so great…especially after digging out of a foot of snow here in New Jersey 🙂 Thanks for bringing us warm thoughts! Those blues are fantastic

  2. love the colors! beautiful candid shots of my favorite time of year. well done!

  3. These are so fabulous!

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