Body: Sarah Robertson

Today, we are happy to share a set of images submitted from one of our previous Artist Spotlights. Sarah Robertson was on the blog a few months back talking about her experience shooting instant film and shared some pretty rad images with us. Those images were shot on FP-100C using her Mamiya RZ. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

The images for todays post were all shot on FP-3000B with her Mamiya. She then scanned the negatives for a slightly different look. You can check out that process here.

“When I was in college I was introduced to FP-3000B film. I immediately fell in love with its instant goodness. At first I was really intrigued with the positive image. But after accidently underexposing an image I found that the negative could really provide me with a look I liked.

The following series is titled “Body.” I feel like the body is often overly sexualized in our society – my goal was to bring dignity back to the way we view the human form. I wanted to show the body in the most simple and natural state. I believe bodies are essential to the human experience. Through photographing them I found that each form is distinct and beautiful.”- Sarah Robertson


Thanks again Sarah for the submission. Beautiful set of images! Like what you see? You can find more of Sarah’s work at the following links.

Website | Instagram

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  1. Great images and I feel the 3000b captures it so beautifully…

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