Breaking News: FUJIFILM To Discontinue FP-3000B



A few days ago, some rumors were floating around the interwebs announcing that Fuji was going to discontinue one of it’s remaining pack films. Currently Fuji produces FP-100C ISO 100 Color film and FP-3000B ISO 3000 black and white film. As lovers of pack film, these rumors had us upset like many, but without official word from Fuji, we did not want to report and spread false news.

It saddens me to report that I received the following email from FUJIFILM today. I ask about the status of the 3000B and of the 100C.

Dear Chris,

Thank you for contacting FUJIFILM North America Corporation. Please allow us to assist you.

Please be advised that FP-3000B is being discontinued, as a result of decreases in world-wide global demand. We know that the discontinuation of a well-loved and long established product can be difficult to adjust to. We appreciate your interest in this product, and will be reporting your comments.

FP-100C 3.25×4.25 is currently in production and available at retail.

We sincerely hope this information has been beneficial to you. If you should have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us in the future. It would be our pleasure to assist you again.

Thank you for your interest in FUJIFILM products and services.


Authorized Customer Care Representative
Customer Care, Imaging Division
FUJIFILM North America Corporation


On a personal note, this film was my introduction to instant film. I am thankful for companies like the Impossible Project who are devoted to what some consider a dying medium. I am thankful to Fuji for still producing the 100C and for further developments with the Instax line. My only encouragement in this matter is that a week ago, I shot a pack of 669 that expired in 2004. If Fuji plans to make this film through 2014, although prices may increase, I can still see shooting it for several years to come. Will the carefree nature of shooting change? I imagine so.

If you would like your voice to be heard, please visit the following link.

We believe we can really have our voices heard. If Fujifilm doesn’t change their minds, we can at least let the world know that we need a product like this and that there is a demand. Our plan is to send this post, your comments, the petition and the stats from this post. We know that we need FP-3000b to stay so lets do something about it! Leave a comment below with why this film needs to stay and why you love it!

If you feel inclined to send them why you love their film and a photo, here is the only contact information we have!

Twitter: @Fujifilm_UK @FujifilmEU @FujifilmUS
Phone: (714) 372-4200 or 888-424-FUJI (3854)


Whats a post without at least one image? I’ll leave you with a favorite of mine. A scanned negative from an FP-3000B shot.




  1. This news is the latest in a long line of bad moves from fuji. Sad times for film shooters

  2. So sad 🙁

  3. This is incredibly sad. I heard the rumors but wished they weren’t true. If FP100-c every goes away I will have to radically alter some of my workflow.

  4. This is the worst news I have heard in a long time. Not happy Fuji!

  5. I think the Impossible Project stands the chance to fill the gap and make a lot of mulah if they started making their own version of this film. Maybe we can get them to if we sign a petition for that haha 😉

  6. Can one film so loved by so many be worth it to Fuji to kill it for the little savings they will see from not making it? Don’t they make enough money to lose a little by keeping a tradition alive? Fuji soul is at stake.

  7. Might not a real demonstration, like making a picture using FP-3000B and sending it to @contactfuji from a thousand different places around the globe make a greater impression than a thousand signatures on an online petition? You know, paying customers utilizing the product as opposed to online petition signees. Put the “world” in World Wide Web, and your wallet, to work. Just a thought….

    • Its a great idea to use the FP-3000B film and send to Fuji.

      I start a new project using that film on Sunday and will use about 150 packs taking portraits. I can just say that the younger they are the more fascinated people are Holding the photograph. It gives a great situation and the negative can be something really great to do more with.

  8. Listen Fuji…the digital world is going great for you guys, but every time I pull out the Land 250 and peel a 3000b in front of someone, a crowd forms and relationships are formed. We (yeah, you and me) brought people together in a way that digital won’t. So, sales are not so good, but are they killing you, or just not hitting the black? Take one for the team…I’m guessing if you let it go for one more year, sales would go way up.

    And if you HAVE to discontinue it, don’t scrap the machines and suppliers, put it up for sale so someone of the ilk of Doc Florian can come in, save it, and try to make a profit from this awesome niche market.

  9. I just started using this stuff! WTF?!

  10. Please help us save this film:


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