Business Spotlight: New55

We are taking a break today from our Artist Spotlight post to talk about something super important. Many of you have heard of New55 and know of the Kickstarter campaign that they are tackling. We are huge supporters of this project and have been awaiting this film eagerly. So, with a May 5th deadline approaching, we are dedicating todays post to New55. Currently, they are very close to hitting the 50% funding mark. $200,000 is an epic amount, however, they still have a ways to go.

We have heard several people say, “I don’t plan to shoot 4×5 and don’t own a camera but I am totally backing this project.’ Thats AMAZING! As a community we must join together now,even stronger to make this project a reality! Just imagine what may come from backing New55. A new company, spending the time to develop new instant film products. Last year, we get devastating news that one of our favorite films is being discontinued. We joined together and spoke very passionately as to why this product should stay in the market. Today, we have to put our money where our mouth is and support a new instant film venture. This time it will take money, not just signatures to prove that we are as passionate as we say we are.


untitled | Polly Chandler | New 55


Everyone should back this project! If $25 seems to much for you, donate $5. It’s fine! All we ask is that you still back this project. We cant stress how much we need to make this happen. New55 Kickstarter is about to cross the 50% funding point with 13 days to go. That is awesome news! It worries us a little to. If this Kickstarter is not successful, that’s it, New55 ends there. No do overs. The new 55 team has been posting interesting updates as to the status of their campaign, along with new backing levels and video interview. Please make sure to check that out here. That is also the spot for up to date news coming fresh from Bob. You can also check out an amazing interview they conducted with our buddies over at the Film Photography Project. You can check out the podcast here. One other thing you can’t miss, is a gallery New55 put together celebrating their backers. This gallery is full of breathtaking images by talented photographers that have experience with beta versions of New55 and classic Polaroid Type 55. New 55 Gallery.

New55 is not a cheap venture. If we could see financing for other companies we would see similar, if not more expensive numbers then we see with New55. More then half, $250.000 is needed for machining alone. Those are huge numbers that we must fulfill. We couldn’t feel more passionate for New55 and full heartedly want to see them succeed. If you feel the same, you can do two things to help. Share their Kickstarter campaign online. Sure we know you already did once. A second time shows your followers you mean business. Second, if you have not backed this project, do it now. You don’t have to be shooting large format now, but wouldn’t you like the option to in the future?

The Snap It | See It guys would love to extend our thanks to the New 55 team and all of their efforts. And to all the instant film fanatics for so passionately supporting projects like this one.



(featured image. Untitled | Tobias Feltus | New 55 Test Film)

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