Camera Review: MINT TL70

Hey guys! Matt Day here doing a little guest post for the kind folks of Snap It See It. Chris reached out to me recently because he knew I was awaiting my InstantFlex TL70 from Mint Camera. We decided do a little collaboration between the site here and my YouTube channel. I recorded an unboxing video and shared some of my first impressions on the TL70, which you can view here:

Now let’s talk a little more about this camera, because let’s be honest, it’s a pretty interesting camera. We’ve never had an option like this before. Not only is it interesting because it’s a TLR, but aperture priority? Manually focusing? Instax? f/5.6? This is a combination a lot of us have been asking for for a long time.

Right out of the box, as mentioned in the video, I noticed it felt much more like a camera than any Instax camera I’ve ever owned. It’s not a Rolleiflex, but that’s a given. It has a comfortable feel when holding the camera and all of the features are very low profile. No protruding pieces that feel like they’re in the way. I do wish the camera came with a camera strap, but that’s not a deal breaker.

As you could tell from the video, I didn’t really have any serious complaints out of the box, but once I got to start shooting, there was only one thing that I didn’t like… The viewfinder. It’s pretty dim when shooting indoors. Now I’ve yet to miss focus, even when shooting indoors, but it definitely takes me a bit to make sure I’ve got focus locked in. Outdoors, it’s not as much of an issue, and that’s primarily where I’ll be shooting this camera. Still, I wanted to make sure I brought it up.

Aside from the viewfinder, I really don’t have any complaints. It’s a fun camera to shoot with. I’ve only had one day to shoot with it, and it’s been raining all day, so I only got a few outdoor shots. I’m excited to really get out of the house and shoot with it, but until then, you can see my first pack of film below. (Please excuse the dust.. It’s late)

TL70Scan-2 TL70Scan-3 TL70Scan-4 TL70Scan-5 TL70Scan-6 TL70Scan-7 TL70Scan-8 TL70Scan-9 TL70Scan-10 TL70Scan

Big thanks to everyone here at Snap It See It for having me on the blog today to share my thoughts! I’ll be sure to share a full review on my YouTube channel once I get some serious time using the camera, so make sure you’re subscribed!



  1. Hi Matt, where I can buy this camera?

  2. Great first take on this interesting camera. Mine’s due any day but I’m grateful to have an advanced preview. I’ll look forward to your follow up posts and videos.

  3. Joeri Buhrer Tavanier says:


    Did you try any outdoor shots? I did and all are seriously overexposed. I wrote to Mint, afraid as I am that I may have a fully camera, but they say this is normal and that the camera won’t work outside,at least not until a set of filters is out for sale. That is a real pity and wonder if after all I may have purchased a faulty camera after all. I see you did do some shots outdoors, which all look fine?


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