Cape Cod Wedding: by Jaq Poussot

Todays theme post was submitted by Jaq Poussot. Jaq is Portrait and Wedding photographer based out of Columbus, OH, but if you follow her blog, you’ll notice she is almost always out on an adventure.

These images are from a wedding she shot alongside Stacy Hedman in beautiful Cape Cod last fall. Captured on a Polaroid 600SE, color images are Fuji FP-100C and the B&W are FP-3000B.

In her email, Jaq explained that this was the first time she had taken her 600SE to a wedding environment. ” Several people were very interested in the camera and the process of capturing an image.” 

So, what do you get when you place a stunning bride in a beautiful environment and have some pack film handy? Timeless images, captured in an instant that are tangible the day they were taken.


If you would like to see more of Jaq’s work, please check out the following links.






  1. So fun having you, Jaq! Amazing work!

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