Catching Up with Impossible HQ

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Hi everyone! Today, we thought we’d bring you a round up of some news and happenings over at Impossible – just in case their newsletter emails have gotten buried in your Inbox or Spam folder.

Yesterday, we had a really great, candid chat with Amy, Global Social Media Coordinator and Impossible Magazine Editor over at Impossible HQ in Berlin, Germany. One thing we took away from our talk with Amy was how much they really do appreciate you the instant film shooter – and despite some past lapses in communication and tough business decisions that had to be made – your input, constructive criticism and suggestions are really needed to keep making Impossible film even better. If you have questions about the film, best practices, have had some trouble getting desired results, or simply want to share your work – talk to Amy. She does her best to respond to your tweets, email, comments, etc., and encourages communication . As a small company that’s growing and learning along the way, there might be a few fumbles here and there, however, Impossible is committed to continually improving the film and customer relationships.


We have noticed and appreciate the effort that’s being made, especially in recent months, to build upon new and existing customer relationships. For example, we really have enjoyed the live Twitter chats featuring some really talented and experienced photographers, as well as the #askthefactory chats. What are your thoughts on some of the recent developments at Impossible? We’d love to know what you guys think! Follow and connect with Amy using the links below. Soon, we’ll be sure to let you meet and know where you can follow the rest of folks at Impossible.



In the future we also plan to share with you more Impossible tutorials, how-to’s and details on a contest featuring some Impossible giveaways. In the meantime, here’s a bit of what’s been going at the factory:


B&W Film Update

The Gen 2.0 B&W is one of our favorites – and now it’s available in several formats which include the white and black frame B&W 600 & B&W SX-70 films, and also in 8×10!

Improvements include: tones will have deep blacks, adding new depth; strong contrast; fast development (you’ll see an image within 20 seconds and within 5 minutes a fully-finished photo!).

Color Film Update


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White frame packs of Color 600 and Color SX-70 you purchase from now on ships with the new color formula (what you may have known as Gen 2.0). Impossible continues to roll out the new color formula to other formats – most recently Color 600 Color Frames, Color 600 Gold Frame and Color 600 Silver Frame. Soon, the update will be rolled out to more of the SX-70 and Spectra films.

When you get some time, definitely check out the color film update details straight from Impossible CTO Stephen Herchen here.  Improvements you should see include: more natural and balanced tones; richer, more saturated color; initial image emerges sooner, within minutes.

Coming Soon: Green & Black Duochrome film


Impossible recently put to vote what the next duochrome film would be and the clear winner was Green & Black. After the success of the Black & Yellow Third Man Records film (we loved it and loved what you guys did with it), we are excited to get our hands on this film! Although it was projected to be available to members in October, during the R&D development of the green duochrome test packs, a mottling effect across the film surface was experienced. Although appearing to reduce after a couple of days, the factory team is working hard to reduce this before full production launch! Amy did mention that your ideas, suggestions and feedback for future test films is definitely welcomed – so feel free to chime in!


New Products
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Many of us might already have a favorite place to stash our trusty folding SX-70s/SLR680s, but if you don’t and are looking for something for yourself or to gift, check out the Unit Portables Carry Case. Anyone who’s purchased one, let us know how you like yours! Definitely seems like a minimal, yet functional carry case that we might have to check out for ourselves in the near future – perhaps we can review one soon . You can pick one up here.

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