Impossible Film in a Land Camera by Paul Ravenscroft

Recently, we were contacted by fellow instant film photographer, Paul Ravenscroft (you can find him on Instagram) with a tutorial he'd been working on. Paul's tutorial explains how to load and use Impossible Film in a Polaroid Land Camera. We were happy to share Paul's write up and hope that some of … [Read more...]

Impossible Tutorial Tuesday: How To Travel With Impossible Film

We've already seen a few countdowns to Memorial Day weekend this week (the unofficial start of summer holiday here in the U.S), which means that many of you are probably in the planning stage of your summer vacations. That means packing your instant film cameras (maybe even packing Impossible's new … [Read more...]

Impossible Tutorial Tuesday: Shooting tips for the SX-70

Welcome to another #Tutorial Tuesday, but this time on a Thursday. If you're new to the blog, or to instant film, this series of blog posts are thanks to the folks at Impossible. In recent weeks, they've been hosting these Twitter chats, sharing tips and resources to get the most out of your … [Read more...]

Impossible Tutorial Tuesday: 600 Film Shooting Tips

Today, we bring you a summary of Impossible's Tutorial Tuesday from last week. In this post we'll outline the tips and photos Impossible shared over on their Twitter page during the chat. Some tips have been covered in previous Tutorial Tuesday's but with the help of these tips, hopefully you'll … [Read more...]

Impossible Tutorial Tuesday: How To Correctly Expose Your Photos

Happy Tutorial Tuesday, brought to you by our friends at Impossible. This week's topic is one that for sure will¬†interest many of us, as sometimes nailing exposure can be a tricky thing. Let's get started...and as usual click on the photos to be linked to Impossible support and read more about this … [Read more...]