Impossible’s #makerealphotos campaign

  It's just about that time of year when many families & friends begin to gather not just to share a delicious meal, partake in traditions or observe cultural and/or religious celebrations but to make and share memories. What better way of doing so than by taking a photo on instant … [Read more...]

flawed | an instant film exhibition

Just recently, we were contacted by Michael Kirchoff, photographer, editor for Blur Magazine and juror for the A Smith Gallery's flawed | an instant film exhibition, accepting submissions from now until November 30th. We are happy to share this exhibit information that no doubt many of you will … [Read more...]

Catching Up with Impossible HQ

Hi everyone! Today, we thought we'd bring you a round up of some news and happenings over at Impossible - just in case their newsletter emails have gotten buried in your Inbox or Spam folder. Yesterday, we had a really great, candid chat with Amy, Global Social Media Coordinator and Impossible … [Read more...]

MiNT TL70 Updates

Today we thought we'd bring you an update on MiNT's TL70 camera. At time of pre-order, early-bird pre-orders and pre-orders were expected for July/August.  Even though it looks like that time line is pushed back, MiNT has provided a few updates from the factory floor to show us what is happening … [Read more...]

Monthly Photo Assignment

We hope everybody had a great weekend. If you came here today looking for a fresh Artist Spotlight, sadly we do not have one today. We have several interviews out, but we are waiting on replies and images to be sent in. This can be a hectic time of year with wedding season and summer vacations. We … [Read more...]