Pryme Editions: Aphelia

When Pryme Magazine closed it's doors at the end of 2015, the instant film community lost an amazing resource. Typically, as instant film photographers, we value the tangible. Holding that print in your hands and watching it develop, or peeling the two halves apart on a shot of 3000b, there is just … [Read more...]

Lomo’Instant Wide Review

  Hey guys, Matt Day here with a guest review on the Lomo'Instant Wide from Lomography! I've been shooting every day with this camera since early January 2016... Literally every day. I'm doing a 366 Project this year with Instax Wide film and this is the camera I'm shooting that project … [Read more...]

Camera Review: MINT TL70

Hey guys! Matt Day here doing a little guest post for the kind folks of Snap It See It. Chris reached out to me recently because he knew I was awaiting my InstantFlex TL70 from Mint Camera. We decided do a little collaboration between the site here and my YouTube channel. I recorded an unboxing … [Read more...]

First Look: Step5 Polaroid Print Holder

Welcome to the start of the week! We took a really quick look at the Step5 Polaroid Print Holder sold by PhotOlé Photography. This product, we think, will find a nice spot in the corner of your camera bag. Check out our quick video for a few more details. If you know you definitely want to … [Read more...]

Mint SLR670M Camera Review

Where do I begin? By saying that this is my favorite instant camera in the world or that I wish it did two more things? Let me start by saying this. The SLR670M is truly my favorite integral camera ever made and I can't believe we have lived without it for this long. So, what makes this camera so … [Read more...]