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Today we bring you a theme post from commercial and fashion photographer Cindy Leon of Vero Beach. Cindy was kind enough to share recent client work with us where she got to use instant film! Below are Cindy’s thoughts on the project, links to her work, and the wonderful images themselves. Enjoy!

Cindy Leon of Foto Lucid

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As a commercial photographer I’m given numerous opportunities to record beautiful stories in stunning locations. This particular day, located in my backyard (the Indian River Lagoon), was no exception. Yet in reality there is always a deadline or a time frame hence a budget I must work within. Its unfortunate most of my commercial clients don’t always pay for me to shoot film, which many of you know cost more money and a wee bit more time. Regardless of it being cost effective or not I shoot film at every single shoot because nothing beats the tonality, the ability to record what’s really happening the way film does. I love to use instant film to show people it’s more than what the back of a camera reveals it’s about making our art-our work tangible.

So with patience & a laid back attitude I take what I can get for time, some days it’s an hour of shooting film most times it’s only a few breaths. For shorter moments I grab either a Polaroid or a Fuji camera. This particular day being in the middle of July I knew it was too hot for my impossible film to sit in my bag sun/high heat exposed so there was no other option than to grab the instax. To me it’s become a reliable film for snapshots. It serves it’s purpose for quick, heat tolerable fast exposing images and I can use the Fuji film any time of day. Sure there is little control of automatic cameras (I know they suck sometimes) but I have learned to love it. The reason is simple, yes this film/camera is not forgiving at times BUT it’s quality is unique to the light. When you stop looking at the results as a photographer, over analyzing and see them as a tangible memory that’s when your eyes really open and see it’s beauty. Instax film is not for everybody – but it’s definitely for me.

So yeah- I hope you like these images! This day was lovely in so many ways and the memory was truly worth capturing. It’s great to work with awesome people who always seem to look out for the artist, because of that I am blessed. Please check out our links. Big thanks to Snap it See it for giving instant film a voice in this big digital world. Xx.

Location: Indian River Lagoon, Sebastian Florida.

Job: Shooting an advertisement for an upcoming charity event focusing on children & families in our area.

Goal: Make it relate to where we live & how, here locally within a family setting.

Time frame: at 4pm with 2 hours shoot time, before the summer afternoon storms rolled in.

Camera: Fuji instax 210 / wide film.

Model: Nikki Rea and Tessa Haraldsen

Clothing: Ishkabibbles

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