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Happy Monday! Here we are, first day of July and I ask myself what happened to June. July holds so much in store for our readers! Roid week and our SX70 giveaway this Thursday. We are going to kick things off with a post by Francisco Chavira. His love affair continues with SoCal. He talks about a recent discovery and an Engagement Session.

I have had the most amazing experience with some amazing clients. If you remember I traveled to San Diego a few months ago for a family session and blogged about my time and some sweet instant images I took. Below is a Polaroid of that time, and in it is Philip and Ria, my couple in this post. The same rad family had me out again this time for their daughter and future son in laws engagement photos.  It has been such a pleasure not only having this family as clients but now calling them friends and I believe that leads to me knowing their personalities and how best to capture that. Of course you know that any time you have me taking photos there will for sure be polaroids flying and a little experimentation.


SX70 | ND filter + PX680

SX70 | ND filter + PX680


A few weeks before this session my best friend had found a Polaroid 450 land camera at a yard sale. He picked it up and I was beyond jealous. I offered to retrofit it to take AAA’s, as i was testing it out I found something interesting about it. This will sound like the weirdest thing ever. Something about the light meter, possibly the shutter and or the cameras settings is busted. The camera will not meter under something like 1/30th. By pure chance I found the holy grail in land cameras. It meters correctly in bright soon but indoors or in dark places it will not expose further then what I can hand hold. I know your jealous know. So I had to take it with me because I knew i wanted to do something epic with this. In the right light it could make some epic images. Philip, has the most amazing loft. Huge windows with the raddest light. Sat them on a couch and boom. Pure highlights and all the sharpness. Amazes me every time. Below are the results and I cant be more grateful to have found this gem. Curious to know if any of you have had the same luck and found a Land Camera like mine.


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  1. your work is very cool im your new fan.

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