Events: Whats Happening Where You Live?

We often get emails telling us of events coming up around all parts of the world. From polawalks in Baltimore to gallery showings in Paris. We have been linked to tutorial classes in New York and state fairs in Texas. The thing is, up until now, we have not had a way to let you know about these gatherings. I mean, we could do a blog post for each one, but most times there just isn’t enough info for a full post. Well, to change that, we have decided to put an event page over on the Community Forum. There is also a new tab at the top of the page labeled Events. This tab will take you directly to the Event section of the forum where all events will be listed.

Events can include, but not limited to: Polawalks, Gallery Shows, Hands on Classes and Tutorials. If you have something going on that people will be interested in, POST IT! Or, if you like, you can still email us at with the information for your event and we will add it to the list. Just please make sure the events are photography / instant film / art related.

If you know of an upcoming event and would like to just post a link to the event, thats fine. Like this event at the Mint Museum. Two of my friends, Scott Stallings and Troy Tomlinson will be doing Wet Plate demonstrations there.

An example of the information we would like for you to include if you are hosting an event can be seen here. This is an upcoming event in Charlotte, NC. Hosted by the people over at Flaming Chicken Studios. One of the instructors at this event is Marcelo Yáñez. His work has been featured on the blog several times. If you are in the Charlotte area, this is one event you’ll want to attend.


Event: Charlotte, NC – Polaroid Image Lifts and Transparency Layering

When: Sunday May 4th

 12 to 4 PM

 Flaming Chicken Studios located in Charlotte, NC

 $12.00/ per person

Sign Up:
 Link. Or pay at the door. (if you don’t sign up, you can still attend but need to provide your own pack of Impossible film)

 Alternative photographic processes have always been a fun and unique way to explore different ways of image creation. From exploring an antique process of photographic days gone by to a side use of more modern technology you’ll find the most creative image makers among us constantly exploring new ways of visual expression threw innovative uses of common photographic tools.

Polaroid image lifts can be a fun way of taking instant pictures to the next artistic level. They allow you to add textures, to stretch, distort and manipulate your instant pictures in a way similar to how we alter our digital images in photoshop. 

Polaroid transparency layering combines compositional processes similar to painting with photographic tools from the late 20th century. This allows the user to combine multiple images to create conceptual and often surreal images from tools we often relegate to the common snapshot.

This event will focus on both of these non standard uses of Polaroid instant film. Attendees will learn how to execute both techniques to gain better control over their own visual expression. No prior experience with Polaroid film or cameras is necessary. Cameras and film, as well as all other materials, will be provided. What is needed is a flare for the creative and conceptual, as well as an eagerness to learn.


We hope this will be a great way to bring some of our readers together. You never know who might be living right around the corner from you. After you host or attend an event, we would love to see your images. You can post them in the forum and help jumpstart the community over there.



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